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Articles by Topics
Topic H. - Information Systems
Topic H.3.1 - Content Analysis and Indexing

A.M. Al-Zahrani, H. Mathkour, H. Abdalla:
PSO-Based Feature Selection for Arabic Text Summarization
page 1454 - 1469
Vol.21 / Issue 11
A. Ali, I.S. Bajwa, R. Kazmi:
High-Performance Simulation of Drug Release Model Using Finite Element Method with CPU/GPU Platform
page 1261 - 1278
Vol.25 / Issue 10
B. Antony J, G.S. Mahalakshmi:
Content-based Information Retrieval by Named Entity Recognition and Verb Semantic Role Labelling
page 1830 - 1848
Vol.21 / Issue 13
S. Arroyo:
Ontology and Grammar of the SOPHIE Choreography Conceptual Framework - An Ontological Model for Knowledge Management
page 1157 - 1183
Vol.13 / Issue 9
G. Attardi, S.D. Marco, D. Salvi:
Categorisation by Context
page 719 - 736
Vol.4 / Issue 9
N. Avouris, N. Yiannoutsou:
A Review of Mobile Location-based Games for Learning across Physical and Virtual Spaces
page 2120 - 2142
Vol.18 / Issue 15
Y. Avrithis, G. Stamou, M. Wallace, F. Marques, P. Salembier, X. Giro, W. Haas, H. Vallant, M. Zufferey:
Unified Access to Heterogeneous Audiovisual Archives
page 510 - 519
Vol.9 / Issue 6
Y.R. Baca-Gomez, A. Martinez, P. Rosso, H. Estrada, D.I. Hernandez Farias:
Web Service SWePT: A Hybrid Opinion Mining Approach
page 671 - 690
Vol.22 / Issue 5
N. Baloian, D. Aguirre, G. Zurita:
Developing Distributed Collaborative Applications with HTML5 under the Coupled Objects Paradigm
page 1712 - 1737
Vol.20 / Issue 13
R. Bergmann, M. Schaaf:
Structural Case-Based Reasoning and Ontology-Based Knowledge Management: A Perfect Match?
page 608 - 626
Vol.9 / Issue 7
O. Bordies, Y. Dimitriadis:
Exploring Teachers' Perceptions on Modeling Effort Demanded by CSCL Designs with Explicit Artifact Flow Support
page 1398 - 1417
Vol.22 / Issue 10
F. Bouchaud, G. Grimaud, T. Vantroys, P. Buret:
Digital Investigation of IoT Devices in the Criminal Scene
page 1199 - 1218
Vol.25 / Issue 9
B. Burkard, G. Vogeler, S. Gruner:
Informatics for Historians: Tools for Medieval Document XML Markup, and their Impact on the History-Sciences
page 193 - 210
Vol.14 / Issue 2
K. Böhm, G. Heyer, U. Quasthoff, C. Wolff:
Topic Map Generation Using Text Mining
page 623 - 633
Vol.8 / Issue 6
A. Cabanas-Abascal, E. García-Machicado, L. Prieto-González, A. de Amescua Seco:
An Item based Geo-Recommender System Inspired by Artificial Immune Algorithms
page 2013 - 2033
Vol.19 / Issue 13
J. Chen, Q. Jin, R. Huang:
Goal-Driven Process Navigation for Individualized Learning Activities in Ubiquitous Networking and IoT Environments
page 1132 - 1151
Vol.18 / Issue 9
T.-A. Chiang, C.-Y. Wu, C.V. Trappey, A.J.C. Trappey:
An Intelligent System for Automated Binary Knowledge Document Classification and Content Analysis
page 1991 - 2008
Vol.17 / Issue 14
D. Choi, J. Kim, X. Piao, P. Kim:
Text Analysis for Monitoring Personal Information Leakage on Twitter
page 2472 - 2485
Vol.19 / Issue 16
K.E. Daouadi, R.Z. Rebaï, I. Amous:
Real-Time Bot Detection from Twitter Using the Twitterbot+ Framework
page 496 - 507
Vol.26 / Issue 4
V. Delis, C. Makris, S. Sioutas:
A Provably Efficient Computational Model For Approximate Spatiotemporal Retrieval
page 830 - 849
Vol.11 / Issue 6
A. Dickinger, S. Zorn:
Compensation Models for Interactive Advertising
page 557 - 565
Vol.14 / Issue 4
M.F.A. Fauzi, P.H. Lewis:
Block-based Against Segmentation-based Texture Image Retrieval
page 402 - 423
Vol.16 / Issue 3
A. Fedorchenko, E. Doynikova, I. Kotenko:
Determination of System Weaknesses Based on the Analysis of Vulnerability Indexes and the Source Code of Exploits
page 1043 - 1065
Vol.25 / Issue 9
E. Flores, A. Barrón-Cedeño, L. Moreno, P. Rosso:
Cross-Language Source Code Re-Use Detection Using Latent Semantic Analysis
page 1708 - 1725
Vol.21 / Issue 13
X. Fu, W. Li, G. Fortino, P. Pace, G. Aloi, W. Russo:
A Utility-Oriented Routing Scheme for Interest-Driven Community-Based Opportunistic Networks
page 1829 - 1854
Vol.20 / Issue 13
M.P. González, T. Granollers, A. Pascual:
Testing Website Usability in Spanish-Speaking Academia through Heuristic Evaluation and Cognitive Walkthroughs
page 1513 - 1527
Vol.14 / Issue 9
N. Gronau, C. Müller, R. Korf:
KMDL - Capturing, Analysing and Improving Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes
page 452 - 472
Vol.11 / Issue 4
K. Grčić, M. Bagić Babac, V. Podobnik:
Generating Politician Profiles based on Content Analysis of Social Network Datasets
page 236 - 255
Vol.23 / Issue 3
A. Güneyli, M. Ersoy, Ş. Kıralp:
Terrorism in the 2015 Election Period in Turkey: Content Analysis of Political Leaders' Social Media Activity
page 256 - 279
Vol.23 / Issue 3
W. Haas, H. Mayer:
MPEG and its Relevance for Content-based Multimedia Retrieval
page 530 - 547
Vol.7 / Issue 6
K. Halimi, H. Seridi-Bouchelaghem:
A Web3.0-based Intelligent Learning System Supporting Education in the 21st Century
page 1373 - 1393
Vol.25 / Issue 10
P.A. Haya, G. Montoro, A. Esquivel, M. García-Herranz, X. Alamán:
A Mechanism for Solving Conflicts in Ambient Intelligent Environments
page 284 - 296
Vol.12 / Issue 3
J. Hellmers, T. Wriedt:
Classification of Software for the Simulation of Light Scattering and Realization within an Internet Information Portal
page 1176 - 1189
Vol.16 / Issue 9
A. Holzinger, R. Geierhofer, F. Mödritscher, R. Tatzl:
Semantic Information in Medical Information Systems: Utilization of Text Mining Techniques to Analyze Medical Diagnoses
page 3781 - 3795
Vol.14 / Issue 22
A.M.N.B. Husamelddin, G.S. Chen, W. Jing:
Cloud Biometric Authentication: An Integrated Reliability and Security Method Using the Reinforcement Learning Algorithm and Queue Theory
page 372 - 391
Vol.24 / Issue 4
J. J. Jung:
Collaborative Web Browsing Based on Semantic Extraction of User Interests with Bookmarks
page 213 - 228
Vol.11 / Issue 2
A. Kasztler, K.-H. Leitner:
Bibliometric Analysis and Visualisation of Intellectual Capital
page 516 - 525
Vol.8 / Issue 5
K. Khelif, R. Dieng-Kuntz, P. Barbry:
An Ontology-based Approach to Support Text Mining and Information Retrieval in the Biological Domain
page 1881 - 1907
Vol.13 / Issue 12
M. Kiewra:
RankFeed - Recommendation as Searching without Queries: New Hybrid Method of Recommendation
page 229 - 249
Vol.11 / Issue 2
J.W. Kim, A. Kashyap, S. Bhamidipati:
Wikipedia-Based Semantic Interpreter Using Approximate Top-k Processing and Its Application
page 650 - 675
Vol.18 / Issue 5
Y.-S. Kim, Y.-I. Song, H.-C. Rim:
Opinion Retrieval for Twitter Using Extrinsic Information
page 608 - 629
Vol.22 / Issue 5
Y.B. Kim:
Real-time Analysis of Time-based Usability and Accessibility for Human Mobile-Web Interactions in the Ubiquitous Internet
page 1953 - 1972
Vol.16 / Issue 15
R. Konow, W. Tan, L. Loyola, J. Pereira, N. Baloian:
A Visited Item Frequency Based Recommender System: Experimental Evaluation and Scenario Description
page 2009 - 2028
Vol.17 / Issue 14
V. Kutálek, V. Dvořák:
On Complexity of Collective Communications on a Fat Cube Topology
page 944 - 961
Vol.11 / Issue 6
T. Ley, D. Albert:
Identifying Employee Competencies in Dynamic Work Domains: Methodological Considerations and a Case Study
page 1500 - 1518
Vol.9 / Issue 12
L. Li, V.K. Vaishnavi, A. Vandenberg:
SOM Clustering to Promote Interoperability of Directory Metadata: A Grid-Enabled Genetic Algorithm Approach
page 800 - 820
Vol.16 / Issue 5
J. Lladós, D. Karatzas, J. Mas, G. Sánchez:
A Generic Architecture for the Conversion of Document Collections into Semantically Annotated Digital Archives
page 2912 - 2935
Vol.14 / Issue 18
M. Lux, W. Klieber, J. Becker, K. Tochtermann, H. Mayer, H. Neuschmied, W. Haas:
XML and MPEG-7 for Interactive Annotation and Retrieval using Semantic Meta-data
page 965 - 984
Vol.8 / Issue 10
M.G. Manzato, E.B. Santos Junior, R. Goularte:
Leveraging Hybrid Recommenders with Multifaceted Implicit Feedback
page 223 - 247
Vol.21 / Issue 2
F. Matinfar, M. Nematbakhsh, G. Lausen:
Web Resource Sense Disambiguation in Web of Data
page 1871 - 1891
Vol.19 / Issue 13
A. Mehler:
Components of a Model of Context-Sensitive Hypertexts
page 924 - 943
Vol.8 / Issue 10
K. Mertins, P. Heisig, K. Alwert:
Process-oriented Knowledge Structuring
page 542 - 550
Vol.9 / Issue 6
Z. Mingyi, L. Danning, Z. Ying:
An Approach to Generation of Decision Rules
page 140 - 158
Vol.16 / Issue 1
S. Montalvo, J. Palomo, C. de la Orden:
Building an Educational Platform Using NLP: A Case Study in Teaching Finance
page 1403 - 1423
Vol.24 / Issue 10
E.M. Morales, F.J. García-Peñalvo, Á. Barrón:
Improving LO Quality through Instructional Design Based on an Ontological Model and Metadata
page 970 - 979
Vol.13 / Issue 7
N. Nedjah, L.d.M. Mourelle:
Software/Hardware Co-Design of Efficient and Secure Cryptographic Hardware
page 66 - 82
Vol.11 / Issue 1
S. Ngobeni, H. Venter, I. Burke:
The Modelling of a Digital Forensic Readiness Approach for Wireless Local Area Networks
page 1721 - 1740
Vol.18 / Issue 12
K. Oliveira, K. Breitman, T. Oliveira:
A Flexible Strategy-Based Model Comparison Approach: Bridging the Syntactic and Semantic Gap
page 2225 - 2253
Vol.15 / Issue 11
X. Qian, X. Che:
Security-enhanced Search Engine Design in Internet of Things
page 1218 - 1235
Vol.18 / Issue 9
T.T. Qin, S. Fujita:
Automatic Tag Attachment Scheme based on Text Clustering for Efficient File Search in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems
page 1032 - 1947
Vol.18 / Issue 8
V. Radhakrishna, P.V. Kumar, V. Janaki:
A Novel Similar Temporal System Call Pattern Mining for Efficient Intrusion Detection
page 475 - 493
Vol.22 / Issue 4
R. Rastogi, R. von Solms:
Information Security Service Culture - Information Security for End-users
page 1628 - 1642
Vol.18 / Issue 12
K. Reinhardt, K. North:
Transparency and Transfer of Individual Competencies - A Concept of Integrative Competence Management
page 1372 - 1380
Vol.9 / Issue 12
R. Rijo, C. Silva, L. Pereira, D. Gonçalves, M. Agostinho:
Decision Support System to Diagnosis and Classification of Epilepsy in Children
page 907 - 923
Vol.20 / Issue 6
K. Saito, H. Kubota, Y. Sumi, T. Nishida:
Analysis of Conversation Quanta for Conversational Knowledge Circulation
page 177 - 185
Vol.13 / Issue 2
P. Sancho, I. Martínez, B. Fernández-Manjón:
Semantic Web Technologies Applied to e-learning Personalization in <e-aula>
page 1470 - 1481
Vol.11 / Issue 9
R. Schirru, S. Baumann, M. Memmel, A. Dengel:
Extraction of Contextualized User Interest Profiles in Social Sharing Platforms
page 2196 - 2213
Vol.16 / Issue 16
G.A. Sielis, C. Mettouris, G.A. Papadopoulos, A. Tzanavari, R.M. Dols, Q. Siebers:
A Context Aware Recommender System for Creativity Support Tools
page 1743 - 1763
Vol.17 / Issue 12
G. Pereira e Silva, M. Thielo, R. Dueire Lins, B. Miro, S.J. Simske:
Automatically Deciding if a Document was Scanned or Photographed
page 3364 - 3375
Vol.15 / Issue 18
S. Sioutas, K. Tsichlas, B. Vassiliadis, D. Tsolis:
Efficient Access Methods for Temporal Interval Queries of Video Metadata
page 1411 - 1433
Vol.13 / Issue 10
V. Smailovic, V. Podobnik:
Mining Social Networks for Calculation of SmartSocial Influence
page 394 - 415
Vol.22 / Issue 3
D. Smith, R. Harvey:
Document Retrieval Using SIFT Image Features
page 3 - 15
Vol.17 / Issue 1
G. Somprasertsri, P. Lalitrojwong:
Mining Feature-Opinion in Online Customer Reviews for Opinion Summarization
page 938 - 955
Vol.16 / Issue 6
J. Sánchez, M. de Borba Campos:
Development of Navigation Skills through Audio Haptic Videogaming in Learners who are Blind
page 2677 - 2697
Vol.19 / Issue 18
A. Taweel, A. Rector, J. Rogers:
A Collaborative Biomedical Research System
page 80 - 98
Vol.12 / Issue 1
S. Tomažič, I. Bernik:
Cyberattack Response Model for the Nuclear Regulator in Slovenia
page 1437 - 1457
Vol.25 / Issue 11
S. Vajda, T. Plötz, G.A. Fink:
Layout Analysis for Camera-Based Whiteboard Notes
page 3307 - 3324
Vol.15 / Issue 18
O. Valkeapää, O. Alm, E. Hyvönen:
An Adaptable Framework for Ontology-based Content Creation on the Semantic Web
page 1835 - 1835
Vol.13 / Issue 12
M. Vincini, D. Beneventano, S. Bergamaschi:
Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources in the MOMIS Data Transformation System
page 1986 - 2012
Vol.19 / Issue 13
S. Wu, F. Crestani:
Ranking Retrieval Systems with Partial Relevance Judgements
page 1020 - 1030
Vol.14 / Issue 7
Z. Yu, C. Li, X. Zhou, H. Wang:
A Service-Oriented Platform for Ubiquitous Personalized Multimedia Provisioning
page 1291 - 1310
Vol.16 / Issue 10
Y. Zhai, K. Qian, F. Xue, M. Tayahi:
Modelling of Automotive Engine Dynamics using Diagonal Recurrent Neural Network
page 1330 - 1342
Vol.24 / Issue 9
A. Zygmunt, P. Bródka, P. Kazienko, J. Koźlak:
Key Person Analysis in Social Communities within the Blogosphere
page 577 - 597
Vol.18 / Issue 4