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Volume 4

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-01
Foreword to the Special Issue J.-M. Muller 1
Dynamical Control of Computations Using the Trapezoidal and Simpson's Rules J.-M. Chesneaux, F. Jézéquel 2
Java for Scientific Computing, Pros and Cons J.W.v. Gudenberg 11
Verified Quadrature in Determining Newton's Constant of Gravitation B. Lang 16
Reliable Computation of Elliptic Functions W. Luther, W. Otten 25
On the Algebra of Intervals and Convex Bodies S. M. Markov 34
Algebraic Solutions to a Class of Interval Equations E. D. Popova 48
Componentwise Distance to Singularity G. Rex 68
Modelling the Measurement Uncertainty by Intervals F. Zamora Wilke, B.R.T. Franciosi, P.W. Werlang Oliveira, D. Moraes Claudio 82
Content of Issue 2
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-02
Foreword to the Special Issue J.-M. Muller 89
Global Error Visualization R. Aïd, L. Testard, G. Villard 90
The SNAP Project: Building Validated Floating Point Units H. A. Al-twaijry, S. F. Oberman, S. T. Fu, M. J. Flynn 99
Spline-Fourier Approximations of Discontinuous Waves R. Anguelov 110
Rigorous Numerical Studies of the Existence of Periodic Orbits for the Hénon Map Z. Galias 114
A Symbolic-Numerical Branch and Prune Algorithm for Solving Non-linear Polynomial Systems L. Granvilliers 125
Constructive Error Analysis W. Krämer 147
Pascal Subroutines for Solving Some Problems in Interval LP F. Mráz, M. Kursch, D. Panuska 1 164
Finding All Solutions of Nonlinear Systems of Equations Using Linear Programming with Guaranteed Accuracy Y. Nakaya, S. Oishi 171
Enclosing Solutions of an Inverse Sturm-Liouville Problem for an Impedance M. Neher 178
Numerical Verification Method of Existence of Connecting Orbits for Continuous Dynamical Systems S. Oishi 193
Implicit Methods for Enclosing Solutions of ODEs R. Rihm 202
Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-03
Advanced Educational Technologies - Promise and Puzzlement P. A. Carlson 210
Application and Assessment of Cognitive-Dissonance Theory in the Learning Process E. Aïmeur 216
A Comparative Evaluation of Print and Electronic Reviews of Multimedia Information Products K. Buckner, M. Gillham 248
Evaluating the Effectiveness of an ODL Hypermedia System and Courseware at the National Technical University of Athens: A Case Study V. Makrakis, S. Retalis, A. Koutoumanos, N. Papaspyrou, M. Skordalakis 259
Evaluating Educational Multimedia in the Context of Use S. McGee, B. Howard 273
Pedagogical Principles for Evaluation of Hypermedia-Based Learning Environments in Mathematics H. Ruokamo, S. Pohjolainen 292
Estimation Metrics for Courseware Maintenance Effort C. W. Thackaberry, R. Rada 308
Content of Issue 4
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-04
Assessment Issues for Educational Software P. A. Carlson 326
Assessment in WWW-Based Learning Systems: Opportunities and Challenges M. Hopper 330
Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in Evaluating the Educational Effectiveness of a Shared Design Memory D. Giordano 349
Applying Metrics to the Evaluation of Educational Hypermedia Applications E. Mendes, W. Hall, R. Harrison 382
Conditional Reasoning: A Key to Assessing Computer-based Knowledge-building Communication Processes M. Campos 404
A Study of User Model Based Link Annotation in Educational Hypermedia P. Brusilovsky, J. Eklund 429
Evaluation of On-line Help I. Henin 449
The 'City Game': An Example of a Virtual Environment for Teaching Spatial Orientation S. Volbracht, G. Domik, D. Backe-Neuwald, H.-D. Rinkens 461
An Evaluation of the Use of Problem-Based Learning Software By Middle School Students D. C. Williams, S. Pedersen, M. Liu 466
Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-05
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 484
A Hybrid Subdivision Strategy for Adaptive Integration Routines R. Cools, B. Maerten 486
Building Hypermedia with Objects and Sets E. Duval, K. Hendrikx, H. Olivié 501
Open Standards Beyond Java: On the Future of Mobile Code for the Internet M. Franz 522
An Example of Task Oriented Empirical Evaluations of 3D-Display Modes S. Volbracht, G. Domik, K. Shahrbabaki, G. Fels 534
On the Number of Keys of a Relational Database Schema R. Wastl 547
Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-06
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 560
Perturbation Simulations of Rounding Errors in the Evaluation of Chebyshev Series R. Barrio, J.-C. Berges 561
Query Order and the Polynomial Hierarchy E. Hemaspaandra, L. A. Hemaspaandra, H. Hempel 574
Enclosure Methods for Multivariate Differentiable Functions and Application to Global Optimization F. Messine, J.-L. Lagouanelle 589
The Roles of Video in the Design, Development, and Use of Interactive Electronic Conference Proceedings S. A. Rebelsky, F. Makedon, P.T. Metaxas, J. Ford, C. Owen, P. A. Gloor 604
Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-07
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 629
Link-based Shaping of Hypermedia Webs Assisted by a Neural Agent A. Faro, D. Giordano, C. Santorno 630
Protecting Devices by Active Coating R. Posch 652
Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-08
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 669
A Note on Linear-Nondeterminism, Linear-Sized, Karp-Lipton Advice for the P-Selective Sets L. A. Hemaspaandra, C. Nasipak, K. Parkins 670
Balanced PRAM Simulations via Moving Threads and Hashing V. Leppänen 675
Some Basic Properties of General Nonperfect Secret Sharing Schemes W. Ogata, K. Kurosawa 690
On Cryptographic Properties of Random Boolean Functions D. Olejár, M. Stanek 705
Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-09
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 718
Categorisation by Context G. Attardi, S.D. Marco, D. Salvi 719
Improving the Effectiveness of WEB Search Engines Using Selectable Views of Retrieval Results E. Berenci, C. Carpineto, V. Giannini 737
Building Flexible and Extensible Web Applications with Lua A. Hester, R. Borges, R. Ierusalimschy 748
Web Traffic Latency: Characteristics and Implications B. Liu, E. A. Fox 763
Content of Issue 10
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-10
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 779
An Education Broker Toolset for Web Course Customization C. Langenbach, F. Bodendorf 780
PSL: An Alternate Approach to Style Sheet Languages for the World Wide Web P. M. Marden, Jr., E. V. Munson 792
Distributed Education Using the mStar Environment K. Synnes, S. Lachapelle, P. Parnes, D. Schefstroem 807
Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-11
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 824
Supporting Structured Teaching Material in the WWW M.d.G.C. Pimentel, J.B. dos Santos Jr., R.P.d.M. Fortes 825
Addressing Design and Usability Issues in Hypertext and on the World Wide Web by Re-Examining the "Lost in Hyperspace" Problem Y.L. Theng, H. Thimbleby 839
Telematic Platform for Patient Oriented Services B. Zwantschko, D. Freismuth, K. Schmaranz 856
Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-004-12
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 865
Functionality versus Practicality: Employing Existing Tools for Recovering Structural Design Patterns L. Prechelt, C. Krämer 866
Linear Derivations for Keys of a Database Relation Schema R. Wastl 883