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Volume 15

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-01
Logic, Abstract State Machines and Databases K.-D. Schewe 1
On Defining the Behavior of OR-joins in Business Process Models E. Börger, O. Sörensen, B. Thalheim 3
Dynamic Query Optimization under Access Limitations and Dependencies A. Calì, D. Calvanese, D. Martinenghi 33
Non-Denumerable Infinitary Modal Logic M.J. Cresswell 63
Reasoning about Nonblocking Concurrency L. Groves 72
Weak Functional Dependencies: Full Propositional Expressiveness for the Database Practitioner S. Hartmann, S. Link 112
Using Abstract State Machines to Model ARIES-based Transaction Processing M. Kirchberg 157
Global Database Design based on Storage Space and Update Time Minimization H. Köhler 195
Formal Verification of Semistructured Data Models in PVS S.U.-J. Lee, G. Dobbie, J. Sun, L. Groves 241
A Formal Framework of Aggregation for the OLAP-OLTP Model H.-J. Lenz, B. Thalheim 273
A Characterisation of Coincidence Ideals for Complex Values A. Sali, K.-D. Schewe 304
Dynamic Data Warehouse Design with Abstract State Machines J. Zhao, K.-D. Schewe, H. Koehler 355
Content of Issue 2
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-02
Multimedia Security in Communication (MUSIC) S. Lian, Y. Zhang, S. Gritzalis, Y. Chen 398
On the Superdistribution of Digital Goods A.U. Schmidt 401
On the Design of Secure Multimedia Authentication J. Wang, J. Lü, S. Lian, G. Liu 426
Stability in Heterogeneous Multimedia Networks under Adversarial Attacks D. Koukopoulos 444
The Topology Change Attack: Threat and Impact M.A. Abdelouahab, A. Bouabdallah, M. Achemlal, S. Laniepce 465
A New Detection Method for Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack Traffic based on Statistical Test C.-L. Chen 488
Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-03
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 505
Advances in Homomorphic Cryptosystems M. Akinwande 506
Linear and Quadratic Complexity Bounds on the Values of the Positive Roots of Polynomials A.G. Akritas 523
DS RBAC - Dynamic Sessions in Role Based Access Control J.R. Mühlbacher, C. Praher 538
A New Fair Non-repudiation Protocol for Secure Negotiation and Contract Signing A. Ruiz-Martínez, C.I. Marín-López, L. Baño-López, A.F. Gómez-Skarmeta 555
Structural Coverage Criteria for Testing SQL Queries M.J. Suárez-Cabal, J. Tuya 584
Supporting Composition of Structural Aspects in an AOP Kernel É. Tanter, J. Fabry 620
Modelling Mailing List Behaviour in Open Source Projects: the Case of ARM Embedded Linux S.L. Toral, R. Martínez Torres, F. Barrero 648
Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Learning in Second Life: A Classification of Virtual 3D Group Interaction Scripts A. Schmeil, M.J. Eppler 665
Providing Multi Source Tag Recommendations in a Social Resource Sharing Platform M. Memmel, M. Kockler, R. Schirru 678
Web 2.0 Adoption by Danish Newspapers - Urgent Need for New Business Models? N. Bjørn-Andersen, L. Bloch Rasmussen, S. Rasmussen 692
Content of Issue 4
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-04
Knowledge Management for Autonomous Systems and Computational Intelligence N.T. Nguyen, D.-S. Huang 704
An Efficient Data Preprocessing Procedure for Support Vector Clustering J.-S. Wang, J.-C. Chiang 705
PDE-PEDA: A New Pareto-Based Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm X. Wang, M. Hao, Y. Cheng, R. Lei 722
Integrative Discovery of Multifaceted Sequence Patterns by Frame-Relayed Search and Hybrid PSO-ANN S.-W. Liou, C.-M. Wang, Y.-F. Huang 742
A Quantum-Inspired Immune Algorithm for Hybrid Flow Shop with Makespan Criterion Q. Niu, T. Zhou, S. Ma 765
Graph-based Approach for Robust Road Guidance Sign Recognition from Differently Exposed Images A. Vavilin, K.-H. Jo 786
Fingerprinting Lexical Contexts over the Web V. Di Lecce, M. Calabrese, D. Soldo 805
Bayesian Gene Regulatory Network Inference Optimization by means of Genetic Algorithms V. Bevilacqua, G. Mastronardi, F. Menolascina, P. Pannarale, G. Romanazzi 826
Multilayer Ensemble Pruning via Novel Multi-sub-swarm Particle Swarm Optimization J. Zhang, K.-W. Chau 840
A DCM Based Orientation Estimation Algorithm with an Inertial Measurement Unit and a Magnetic Compass N.H.Q. Phuong, H.-J. Kang, Y.-S. Suh, Y.-S. Ro 859
Complexity Analysis of Ontology Integration Methodologies:a Comparative Study T.H. Duong, G.S. Jo, J.J. Jung, N.T. Nguyen 877
SDLMAS: A Scenario Modeling Framework for Multi-Agent Systems I. Čavrak, A. Stranjak, M. Žagar 898
A Personalized URL Re-ranking Method using Psychological User Browsing Characteristics S. Ahmed, S. Park, J.J. Jung, S. Kang 926
Agent Migration: Framework for Analysis D. Król, A. Lupa 941
Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-05
Data Security and Privacy Protection in Pervasive Computing Environments B.-S. Koh, M. Denko, S. Gritzalis, C.-H. Hsu 967
Security Mechanisms and Access Control Infrastructure for e-Passports and General Purpose e-Documents P. Najera, F. Moyano, J. Lopez 970
Agent Platform for Wireless Sensor Network with Support for Cryptographic Protocols P. Pecho, F. Zboril Jr., M. Drahansky, P. Hanacek 992
Security Analysis of the Full-Round CHESS-64 Cipher Suitable for Pervasive Computing Environments C. Lee, J. Kim, S. Hong, Y.-S. Lee 1007
Protecting Mobile TV Multimedia Content in DVB/GPRS Heterogeneous Wireless Networks S. Lian, Y. Zhang 1023
Light-Weight Key Exchange with Different Passwords in the Standard Model J.O. Kwon, I.R. Jeong, D.H. Lee 1042
USF-PAS : Study on Core Security Technologies for Ubiquitous Security Framework J.H. Park 1065
Vascular Pattern Analysis towards Pervasive Palm Vein Authentication D. Bhattacharyya, P. Das, T.-h. Kim, S.K. Bandyopadhyay 1081
Cooperation Enforcement in a Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Network Y.H. Ho, A.H. Ho, K.A. Hua, F. Xie 1090
A Neural Network Based Vehicle Classification System for Pervasive Smart Road Security N. Xiong, J. He, J.H. Park, D. Cooley, Y. Li 1119
Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-06
Computability and Complexity in Analysis V. Brattka, P. Collins, R. Rettinger 1143
On the Effective Existence of Schauder Bases V. Bosserhoff 1145
Effective Computability of Solutions of Differential Inclusions The Ten Thousand Monkeys Approach P. Collins, D.S. Graça 1162
Oracles and Relativizations of the P =? NP Question for Several Structures C. Gaßner 1186
Chainable and Circularly Chainable Co-r.e. Sets in Computable Metric Spaces Z. Iljazović 1206
Constructive Urysohn Universal Metric Space D. Lešnik 1236
Fine-computable Functions on the Unit Square and their Integral T. Mori, M. Yasugi, Y. Tsujii 1264
Representing Measurement Results A. Pauly 1280
Topological Complexity of Blowup Problems R. Rettinger, K. Weihrauch, N. Zhong 1301
An Effective Tietze-Urysohn Theorem for QCB-Spaces M. Schröder 1317
Computing the Solution Operators of Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems of PDE S. Selivanova, V. Selivanov 1337
On Finite-time Computability Preserving Conversions H. Tsuiki, S. Yamada 1365
Elementary Computable Topology K. Weihrauch, T. Grubba 1381
Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-07
Computers in Education: Advances in Software Technology J.Á. Velázquez-Iturbide, F.J. García-Peñalvo 1423
Innovation and Quality in e-Learning: a European Perspective C. Dondi 1427
A Meta-modeling based Approach for the Multi-Disciplinary Design of Web Educational Systems P. Díaz, E. Guerra, T. Zarraonandía, I. Aedo, C.L. Padrón 1440
Application Scenarios for the Learning Objects Pool P. Dinis, A. Rodrigues da Silva 1455
Learning to Program with COALA, a Distributed Computer Assisted Environment F. Jurado, A.I. Molina, M.A. Redondo, M. Ortega, A. Giemza, L. Bollen, H.U. Hoppe 1472
TQ-Bot: An AIML-based Tutor and Evaluator Bot F.A. Mikic Fonte, J.C. Burguillo Rial, M. Llamas-Nistal 1486
Eduquito: Virtual Environment for Digital Inclusion of People with Special Educational Needs L.M. Costi Santarosa, L. de Oliveira Basso 1496
Development of a Web Application for Management of Learning Styles R. Silva, A. Andrade 1508
Semantic Spiral Timelines Used as Support for e-Learning D.A.G. Aguilar, R. Therón, F.J. García-Peñalvo 1526
Visualization of Syntax Trees for Language Processing Courses F.J. Almeida-Martínez, J. Urquiza-Fuentes, J.Á. Velázquez-Iturbide 1546
Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-08
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 1562
Tools and Stochastic Metrics for Debugging Temporal Behaviour of Real-Time Systems J. Entrialgo, J. García, J.L. Díaz, D.F. García 1563
Modelling Weblog Success: Case of Korea J. Hwang, Y. Lee, S. Kim 1589
Designing Secure Data Warehouses by Using MDA and QVT E. Soler, J. Trujillo, C. Blanco, E. Fernández-Medina 1607
Computing as Engineering M. Tedre 1642
Certificate-based Signatures Revisited W. Wu, Y. Mu, W. Susilo, X. Huang 1659
Discovering Semantic Aspects of Socially Constructed Knowledge Hierarchy to Boost the Relevance of Web Searching D. Zhu, H. Dreher 1685
ActiveTM - The Factory for Domain-customised Portal Engines L. Maicher, B. Bock 1711
Fostering Knowledge Flow and Community Engagement in the Development of Interactive Entertainment S. Lohmann, J. Niesenhaus, P. Heim, J. Ziegler 1722
Success and Failure Factors for KM: The Utilization of Knowledge in the Swedish Armed Forces U. Pettersson 1735
Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-09
CSCWD Technologies, Applications and Challenges J. Yong, W. Shen, J.A. Pino 1744
Organizational Simulation of Complex Process Engineering Projects in the Chemical Industry S. Tackenberg, B. Kausch, S. Duckwitz, C.M. Schlick, S. Karahancer 1746
A Tree Similarity Measuring Method and its Application to Ontology Comparison Y. Xue, C. Wang, H.H. Ghenniwa, W. Shen 1766
Authorization Algorithms for Permission-Role Assignments L. Sun, H. Wang, J. Yong 1782
A Resilient P2P Anonymous Routing Approach Employing Collaboration Scheme J. Luo, X. Wang, M. Yang 1797
Estimating Software Projects Based On Negotiation S.F. Ochoa, J.A. Pino, F. Poblete 1812
MC-Supporter: Flexible Mobile Computing Supporting Learning though Social Interactions N. Baloian, G. Zurita 1833
An Application of the Dynamic Pattern Analysis Framework to the Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Crime Relationships K. Leong, J. Li, S. Chan, V. Ng 1852
A QoS Perspective on Exception Diagnosis in Service-Oriented Computing N. Shah, R. Iqbal, K. Iqbal, A. James 1871
Applying Reputation Mechanisms in Communities of Practice: A Case Study C.C.P. Cruz, C.L.R. Motta, F.M. Santoro, M. Elia 1886
Application of Intelligent Strategies for Cooperative Manufacturing Planning W. Li, L. Gao, X. Li 1907
Pattern-Oriented Workflow Generation and Optimization Y. Xiang, S. Zhang, Y. Shen, M. Shi 1924
Supporting Awareness in Groupware through an Aspect-Oriented Middleware Service R.S.P. Maciel, J.M.N. David, M.R. Oei, A.A. de Oliveira Bastos, L. de Oliveira Menezes 1945
Integrating Semantic Web and Object-Oriented Programming for Cooperative Design P.-H. Chiu, C.-C. Lo, K.-M. Chao 1970
Using Embodied Conversational Assistants to Interface Users with Multi-Agent Based CSCW Applications: The WebAnima Agent E. Cabrera Paraiso, C.A. Tacla 1991
Transmission Latency based Network Friendly Tree for Peer-to-Peer Streaming T. Peng, Q. Zheng, Y. Jin 2011
Content of Issue 10
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-10
Information Integration on Web-based Applications and Services G. Kotsis, D. Taniar, I. Khalil, E. Pardede 2026
Updates, Schema Updates and Validation of XML Documents - Using Abstract State Machines with Automata-Defined States K.-D. Schewe, B. Thalheim, Q. Wang 2028
SQL/XML Hierarchical Query Performance Analysis in an XML-Enabled Database System E. Pardede, J.W. Rahayu, R. Kaur Aujla, D. Taniar 2058
An Agent for Web-based Structured Hypermedia Algorithm Explanation System E.M. Shakshuki, R. Halliday 2078
Application Framework with Demand-Driven Mashup for Selective Browsing S. Ikeda, T. Nagamine, T. Kamada 2109
Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-11
Software Components, Architectures and Reuse C. Werner, F. Oquendo 2138
An Approach for Estimating Execution Time Probability Distributions of Component-based Real-Time Systems R. Perrone, R. Macedo, G. Lima, V. Lima 2142
Distribution Pattern-driven Development of Service Architectures R. Barrett, C. Pahl 2166
Checking Semantics Equivalence of MDA Transformations in Concurrent Systems P. Barbosa, F. Ramalho, J. Figueiredo, A. Júnior, A. Costa, L. Gomes 2196
A Flexible Strategy-Based Model Comparison Approach: Bridging the Syntactic and Semantic Gap K. Oliveira, K. Breitman, T. Oliveira 2225
Assessment of the Design Modularity and Stability of Multi-Agent System Product Lines C. Nunes, U. Kulesza, C. Sant'Anna, I. Nunes, A. Garcia, C. Lucena 2254
Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-12
Intelligent Environments and Services T.-h. Kim, A. Kusiak, D. Taniar, D. Zhang 2284
Causality Join Query Processing for Data Streams via a Spatiotemporal Sliding Window O. Kwon, K.-J. Li 2287
Meeting Warming-up: Detecting Common Interests and Conflicts among Participants before a Meeting Z. Yu, Z. Yu, X. Zhou, D. Zhang, Y. Nakamura 2311
Service Conflict Management Framework for Multi-user Inhabited Smart Home C. Shin, W. Woo 2330
On the Personalization of Personal Networks - Service Provision Based on User Profiles I.G. Nikolakopoulos, C.Z. Patrikakis, A. Cimmino, M. Bauer, H. Olesen 2353
Next Generation of Terrorism: Ubiquitous Cyber Terrorism with the Accumulation of all Intangible Fears H.-C. Chu, D.-J. Deng, H.-C. Chao, Y.-M. Huang 2373
A Joint Web Resource Recommendation Method based on Category Tree and Associate Graph L. Weng, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhou, L.T. Yang, P. Tian, M. Zhong 2387
Mining Dynamic Databases using Probability-Based Incremental Association Rule Discovery Algorithm R. Amornchewin, W. Kreesuradej 2409
Modeling of an Intelligent e-Consent System in a Healthcare Domain C. Ruan, S.-S. Yeo 2429
Content of Issue 13
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-13
Knowledge Management for Intelligent Systems K.-H. Jo, N.T. Nguyen, E. Szczerbicki 2445
Interactive Genetic Algorithms with Individual Fitness Not Assigned by Human D. Gong, X. Yao, J. Yuan 2446
Human Tracking based on Multiple View Homography D.-W. Seo, H.-U. Chae, B.-W. Kim, W.-H. Choi, K.-H. Jo 2463
A Multiagent System for Hierarchical Control and Monitoring V.V. Tan, D.-S. Yoo, J.-C. Shin, M.-J. Yi 2485
A Load Balancing and Congestion-Avoidance Routing Mechanism for Teal-Time Traffic over Vehicular Networks C.-J. Huang, I.-F. Chen, K.-W. Hu, H.-Y. Shen, Y.-J. Chen, D.-X. Yang 2506
Splice Site Prediction using Support Vector Machines with Context-Sensitive Kernel Functions Y. Chen, F. Liu, B. Vanschoenwinkel, B. Manderick 2528
A Hammerstein-Wiener Recurrent Neural Network with Frequency-Domain Eigensystem Realization Algorithm for Unknown System Identification Y.-C. Chen, J.-S. Wang 2547
Online Detecting and Predicting Special Patterns over Financial Data Streams T. Jiang, Y. Feng, B. Zhang 2566
Applications of Cerebellar Model Articulation Controllers to Intelligent Landing System J.-G. Juang, C.-L. Lee 2586
A Comparison Between a Geometrical and an ANN Based Method for Retinal Bifurcation Points Extraction V. Bevilacqua, L. Cariello, M. Giannini, G. Mastronardi, V. Santarcangelo, R. Scaramuzzi, A. Troccoli 2608
Rough Classification - New Approach and Applications N.T. Nguyen 2622
On the Semantics and Verification of Normative Multi-Agent Systems L. Aştefănoaei, M. Dastani, J.-J. Meyer, F.S. de Boer 2629
Extended Defeasible Reasoning for Common Goals in n-Person Argumentation Games D.H. Pham, G. Governatori, S. Thakur 2653
Analyzing Cooperation in Iterative Social Network Design G. Boella, L. van der Torre, S. Villata 2676
Interactive Learning of Independent Experts' Criteria for Rescue Simulations T.-Q. Chu, A. Drogoul, A. Boucher, J.-D. Zucker 2701
A New Short-term Power Load Forecasting Model Based on Chaotic Time Series and SVM D. Niu, Y. Wang, C. Duan, M. Xing 2726
Content of Issue 14
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-14
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 2746
Optimal Serverless Networks Attacks, Complexity and some Approximate Algorithms C. Aguirre, R. Huerta, L. Tsimring 2747
Realtime LEGO Brick Image Retrieval with Cellular Automata L. Botha, L. van Zijl, M. Hoffmann 2765
A Web-Decision Support System based on Collaborative Filtering for Academic Orientation.
Case Study of the Spanish Secondary School.
E.J. Castellano, L. Martínez 2786
Petri Net Controlled Grammars: the Case of Special Petri Nets J. Dassow, S. Turaev 2808
A Debugging System Based on Natural Semantics A. de la Encina, L. Llana, F. Rubio 2836
Ideal Homogeneous Access Structures Constructed from Graphs J. Herranz 2881
A Heuristic Approach for the Automatic Insertion of Checkpoints in Message-Passing Codes G. Rodríguez, M.J. Martín, P. González, J. Touriño 2894
Content of Issue 15
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-15
Security in Information Systems: New Advances and Tendencies E. Fernández-Medina, A. Rodríguez 2912
SeAAS - A Reference Architecture for Security Services in SOA M. Hafner, M. Memon, R. Breu 2916
Information Theoretically Secure Encryption with Almost Free Authentication B. Alomair, R. Poovendran 2937
ModelSec: A Generative Architecture for Model-Driven Security Ó. Sánchez, F. Molina, J. García-Molina, A. Toval 2957
Graph-Based Approach to the Edit Distance Cryptanalysis of Irregularly Clocked Linear Feedback Shift Registers P. Caballero-Gil, A. Fúster-Sabater, C. Hernández-Goya 2981
A User Controlled Approach for Securing Sensitive Information in Directory Services W. Claycomb, D. Shin 2999
Optimizations for Risk-Aware Secure Supply Chain Master Planning A. Schröpfer, F. Kerschbaum, C. Schütz, R. Pibernik 3019
Managing Security and its Maturity in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises L.E. Sánchez, A. Santos-Olmo Parra, D.G. Rosado, M. Piattini 3038
A System for Managing Security Knowledge using Case Based Reasoning and Misuse Cases C.A. Visaggio, F. de Rosa 3059
Content of Issue 16
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-16
Collaborative Technology and Environments P. Antunes, R.O. Briggs 3079
Assisting Support Groups of Patients with Chronic Diseases through Persuasive Computing E. Gasca, J. Favela, M. Tentori 3081
Understanding Tools and Practices for Distributed Pair Programming T. Schümmer, S. Lukosch 3101
How Interactive Whiteboards Can be Used to Support Collaborative Modeling G.L. Kolfschoten, M. Seck, G.-J. de Vreede 3126
Diminishing Chat Confusion by Multiple Visualizations T. Holmer, S. Lukosch, V. Kunz 3139
Content of Issue 17
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-17
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 3158
Rearranging Series Constructively J. Berger, D.S. Bridges 3160
A SWEBOK-based Viewpoint of the Web Engineering Discipline A. Navarro 3169
Extending SD-Core for Ontology-based Data Integration I. Navas-Delgado, J.F. Aldana-Montes 3201
Modeling of Robustness Margins of the Control of a Predictive Control-Supervisory Architecture A.J. Telmoudi, L. Nabli, R. M'hiri 3231
A Chronicle-based Diagnosability Approach for Discrete Timed-event Systems: Application to Web-Services Y. Pencolé, A. Subias 3246
Parametric Model-Checking of Stopwatch Petri Nets L.-M. Traonouez, D. Lime, O.H. Roux 3273
Content of Issue 18
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-18
Processing Camera-Based Documents R. Dueire Lins 3158
Layout Analysis for Camera-Based Whiteboard Notes S. Vajda, T. Plötz, G.A. Fink 3307
Robust Extraction of Text from Camera Images using Colour and Spatial Information Simultaneously S.P. Chowdhury, S. Dhar, K. Rafferty, A.K. Das, B. Chanda 3325
Adaptive Binarization of Unconstrained Hand-Held Camera-Captured Document Images S.S. Bukhari, F. Shafait, T.M. Breuel 3343
Automatically Deciding if a Document was Scanned or Photographed G. Pereira e Silva, M. Thielo, R. Dueire Lins, B. Miro, S.J. Simske 3364