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Volume 15

Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-12
Intelligent Environments and Services T.-h. Kim, A. Kusiak, D. Taniar, D. Zhang 2284
Causality Join Query Processing for Data Streams via a Spatiotemporal Sliding Window O. Kwon, K.-J. Li 2287
Meeting Warming-up: Detecting Common Interests and Conflicts among Participants before a Meeting Z. Yu, Z. Yu, X. Zhou, D. Zhang, Y. Nakamura 2311
Service Conflict Management Framework for Multi-user Inhabited Smart Home C. Shin, W. Woo 2330
On the Personalization of Personal Networks - Service Provision Based on User Profiles I.G. Nikolakopoulos, C.Z. Patrikakis, A. Cimmino, M. Bauer, H. Olesen 2353
Next Generation of Terrorism: Ubiquitous Cyber Terrorism with the Accumulation of all Intangible Fears H.-C. Chu, D.-J. Deng, H.-C. Chao, Y.-M. Huang 2373
A Joint Web Resource Recommendation Method based on Category Tree and Associate Graph L. Weng, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhou, L.T. Yang, P. Tian, M. Zhong 2387
Mining Dynamic Databases using Probability-Based Incremental Association Rule Discovery Algorithm R. Amornchewin, W. Kreesuradej 2409
Modeling of an Intelligent e-Consent System in a Healthcare Domain C. Ruan, S.-S. Yeo 2429