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Volume 15

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-01
Logic, Abstract State Machines and Databases K.-D. Schewe 1
On Defining the Behavior of OR-joins in Business Process Models E. Börger, O. Sörensen, B. Thalheim 3
Dynamic Query Optimization under Access Limitations and Dependencies A. Calì, D. Calvanese, D. Martinenghi 33
Non-Denumerable Infinitary Modal Logic M.J. Cresswell 63
Reasoning about Nonblocking Concurrency L. Groves 72
Weak Functional Dependencies: Full Propositional Expressiveness for the Database Practitioner S. Hartmann, S. Link 112
Using Abstract State Machines to Model ARIES-based Transaction Processing M. Kirchberg 157
Global Database Design based on Storage Space and Update Time Minimization H. Köhler 195
Formal Verification of Semistructured Data Models in PVS S.U.-J. Lee, G. Dobbie, J. Sun, L. Groves 241
A Formal Framework of Aggregation for the OLAP-OLTP Model H.-J. Lenz, B. Thalheim 273
A Characterisation of Coincidence Ideals for Complex Values A. Sali, K.-D. Schewe 304
Dynamic Data Warehouse Design with Abstract State Machines J. Zhao, K.-D. Schewe, H. Koehler 355