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Volume 15

Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-06
Computability and Complexity in Analysis V. Brattka, P. Collins, R. Rettinger 1143
On the Effective Existence of Schauder Bases V. Bosserhoff 1145
Effective Computability of Solutions of Differential Inclusions The Ten Thousand Monkeys Approach P. Collins, D.S. Graça 1162
Oracles and Relativizations of the P =? NP Question for Several Structures C. Gaßner 1186
Chainable and Circularly Chainable Co-r.e. Sets in Computable Metric Spaces Z. Iljazović 1206
Constructive Urysohn Universal Metric Space D. Lešnik 1236
Fine-computable Functions on the Unit Square and their Integral T. Mori, M. Yasugi, Y. Tsujii 1264
Representing Measurement Results A. Pauly 1280
Topological Complexity of Blowup Problems R. Rettinger, K. Weihrauch, N. Zhong 1301
An Effective Tietze-Urysohn Theorem for QCB-Spaces M. Schröder 1317
Computing the Solution Operators of Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems of PDE S. Selivanova, V. Selivanov 1337
On Finite-time Computability Preserving Conversions H. Tsuiki, S. Yamada 1365
Elementary Computable Topology K. Weihrauch, T. Grubba 1381