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Volume 15

Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-015-09
CSCWD Technologies, Applications and Challenges J. Yong, W. Shen, J.A. Pino 1744
Organizational Simulation of Complex Process Engineering Projects in the Chemical Industry S. Tackenberg, B. Kausch, S. Duckwitz, C.M. Schlick, S. Karahancer 1746
A Tree Similarity Measuring Method and its Application to Ontology Comparison Y. Xue, C. Wang, H.H. Ghenniwa, W. Shen 1766
Authorization Algorithms for Permission-Role Assignments L. Sun, H. Wang, J. Yong 1782
A Resilient P2P Anonymous Routing Approach Employing Collaboration Scheme J. Luo, X. Wang, M. Yang 1797
Estimating Software Projects Based On Negotiation S.F. Ochoa, J.A. Pino, F. Poblete 1812
MC-Supporter: Flexible Mobile Computing Supporting Learning though Social Interactions N. Baloian, G. Zurita 1833
An Application of the Dynamic Pattern Analysis Framework to the Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Crime Relationships K. Leong, J. Li, S. Chan, V. Ng 1852
A QoS Perspective on Exception Diagnosis in Service-Oriented Computing N. Shah, R. Iqbal, K. Iqbal, A. James 1871
Applying Reputation Mechanisms in Communities of Practice: A Case Study C.C.P. Cruz, C.L.R. Motta, F.M. Santoro, M. Elia 1886
Application of Intelligent Strategies for Cooperative Manufacturing Planning W. Li, L. Gao, X. Li 1907
Pattern-Oriented Workflow Generation and Optimization Y. Xiang, S. Zhang, Y. Shen, M. Shi 1924
Supporting Awareness in Groupware through an Aspect-Oriented Middleware Service R.S.P. Maciel, J.M.N. David, M.R. Oei, A.A. de Oliveira Bastos, L. de Oliveira Menezes 1945
Integrating Semantic Web and Object-Oriented Programming for Cooperative Design P.-H. Chiu, C.-C. Lo, K.-M. Chao 1970
Using Embodied Conversational Assistants to Interface Users with Multi-Agent Based CSCW Applications: The WebAnima Agent E. Cabrera Paraiso, C.A. Tacla 1991
Transmission Latency based Network Friendly Tree for Peer-to-Peer Streaming T. Peng, Q. Zheng, Y. Jin 2011