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Volume 20

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-01
Interaction in Massive Courses F. Bry, M. Ebner, A. Pohl, B. Taraghi 1
Proposal for a Conceptual Framework for Educators to Describe and Design MOOCs C. Alario-Hoyos, M. Pérez-Sanagustín, D. Cormier, C. Delgado-Kloos 6
Adapting an Awareness Tool for Massive Courses: the Case of ClassON I. Gutiérrez-Rojas, R.M. Crespo-García, C. Delgado Kloos 24
Developing a Web-Based Question-Driven Audience
Response System Supporting BYOD
C. Haintz, K. Pichler, M. Ebner 39
Toward Project-based Learning and Team Formation in Open Learning Environments H. Spoelstra, P. van Rosmalen, P. Sloep 57
Content of Issue 2
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-02
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 77
Showing the Benefits of Applying a Model Driven Architecture for Developing Secure OLAP Applications C. Blanco, I. García-Rodríguez de Guzmán, E. Fernández-Medina, J. Trujillo 79
Identifying Fuzzy Controllers Parameter by Fuzzy Clustering Technique T. Chenaina, A. Alraddadi 107
DIE: A Domain Specific Aspect Language for IDE Events J. Fabry, R. Robbes, M. Denker 135
Unsupervised Structured Data Extraction from Template-generated Web Pages T. Grigalis, A. Čenys 169
Towards Formal Linear Cryptanalysis using HOL4 O. Hasan, S.A. Khayam 193
Combining Psycho-linguistic, Content-based and Chat-based Features to Detect Predation in Chatrooms J. Parapar, D.E. Losada, Á. Barreiro 213
A Virtual Campus for E-learning Inclusion: The Case of SVC-G9 D. Perez-Gonzalez, P. Soto-Acosta, S. Popa 240
Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-03
Conceptual Modelling with Specific Focus on Service-Oriented Systems F. Ferrarotti, G. Grossmann, K.-D. Schewe, Q. Wang 254
Towards an Extended Model of Conceptual Representations in Formal Ontologies: A Typicality-Based Proposal M. Frixione, A. Lieto 257
Translation of Structural Constraints from Conceptual Model for XML to Schematron J. Klímek, S. Benda, M. Nečaský 277
Service Composition Management: A Risk-Driven Approach S.-P. Ma, C.-L. Yeh, P.-C. Chen 302
Evaluation of OCL Expressions over XML Data Model J. Malý, M. Nečaský 329
Generating an Excerpt of a Service Level Agreement from a Formal Definition of Non-Functional Aspects Using OWL M. Rady 366
Automatic Authentication to Cloud-Based Services M.B. Vleju 385
A Framework for Cost-Aware Process Management: Cost Reporting and Cost Prediction M.T. Wynn, W.Z. Low, A.H.M. ter Hofstede, W. Nauta 406
Multilevel and Coordinated Self-management in Autonomic Systems based on Service Bus M. Zouari, C. Diop, E. Exposito 431
Content of Issue 4
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-04
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 461
Classification of VANET MAC, Routing and Approaches
A Detailed Survey
S. Ajmal, A. Rasheed, A. Qayyum, A. Hasan 462
An Approach to Skew Detection of Printed Documents D. Brodić, C.A.B. Mello, Č.A. Maluckov, Z.N. Milivojevic 488
A Hybrid Approach for Group Profiling in Recommender Systems I. Christensen, S. Schiaffino 507
An Approach for Mapping Domain-Specific AOM Applications to a General Model P. Matsumoto, E. Guerra 534
Developing Scenario-based Serious Games for Complex Cognitive Skills Acquisition: Design, Development and Evaluation of the EMERGO Platform A. Slootmaker, H. Kurvers, H. Hummel, R. Koper 561
Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-05
Software Components, Architectures and Reuse: Software Product Line Engineering and Source Code Enhancements M. Fantinato, U. Kulesza, F. Oquendo 583
A Toolset for Checking SPL Refinements F. Ferreira, R. Gheyi, P. Borba, G. Soares 587
Controlled Experiments Comparing Black-box Testing
Strategies for Software Product Lines
P. Accioly, P. Borba, R. Bonifacio 615
Consistency Checking in Early Software Product Line Specifications - The VCC Approach M. Alférez, R.E. Lopez-Herrejón, A. Moreira, V. Amaral, A. Egyed 640
Defining and Validating a Feature-Driven Requirements Engineering Approach R. Pereira de Oliveira, D. Blanes, J. Gonzalez-Huerta, E. Insfran, S. Abrahão, S. Cohen, E. Santana de Almeida 666
Flexible Feature Binding with AspectJ-based Idioms R. Andrade, H. Rebelo, M. Ribeiro, P. Borba 692
Verification of Software Product Line Artefacts: A Checklist to Support Feature Model Inspections R. Maiani de Mello, E. Nogueira Teixeira, M. Schots, C.M. Lima Werner, G. Horta Travassos 720
A Catalogue of Refactorings to Remove Incomplete Annotations F. Medeiros, M. Ribeiro, R. Gheyi, B. Fonseca 746
Thesaurus-Based Tag Clouds for Test-Driven Code Search O.A.L. Lemos, A.C. de Paula, G. Konishi, S. Bajracharya, J. Ossher, C. Lopes 772
What Should I Code Now? L.L. Nunes da Silva Junior, A. Plastino, L.G.P. Murta 797
Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-06
Enterprise Information Systems J. Varajão, R. Martinho, P. Soto Acosta 822
The Role of Absorptive Capacity in the Usage of a Complex Information System: The Case of the Enterprise Information System M. Mayeh, T. Ramayah, S. Popa 826
Using and Extending Formal Concept Analysis to Visualise Variability during Requirements Engineering T. Huysegoms, M. Snoeck, G. Dedene, A. Goderis, F. Stumpe 842
A Taxonomy for Virtual Enterprises G.D. Putnik, M.M. Cruz-Cunha 859
Gamification as a Disruptive Factor in Software Process Improvement Initiatives E. Herranz, R. Colomo-Palacios, A. de Amescua Seco, M. Yilmaz 885
Decision Support System to Diagnosis and Classification of Epilepsy in Children R. Rijo, C. Silva, L. Pereira, D. Gonçalves, M. Agostinho 907
Understanding the Growth by KILT Model and TYPUS Metrics R.C. Michelini, R.P. Razzoli 924
Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-07
Trending Breakthroughs in Human-Computer Interaction S. Baldassarri, J.A. Macías, J. Urquiza-Fuentes 941
A User-Aware Approach to Provide Adaptive Web Services C. El Hog, R. Ben Djemaa, I. Amous 944
User-Centered Requirement Engineering for Accessible Chats in m-Learning R. Calvo, A. Iglesias, L. Moreno 964
Keyboard-Card Menus: A New Presentation of Non-Standard Shortcuts B. Berman, J.P. Hourcade 986
Let me Listen to Poetry, Let me See Emotions D. Arellano, C. Manresa-Yee, V. Helzle 1006
First-Person Locomotion in 3D Virtual Environments: a Usability Analysis S. Moya, S. Grau, D. Tost 1026
Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-08
Adaptive Services for the Future Internet J. Cubo, G. Ortiz, J. Boubeta-Puig, H. Foster, W. Lamersdorf 1046
Dynamic Verification of Mashups of Service-Oriented Things through a Mediation Platform A. Brogi, J. Cubo, L. González, E. Pimentel, R. Ruggia 1049
An Event-Driven Integration Platform for Context-Aware Web Services L. González, G. Ortiz 1071
Efficient Multi-Objective Optimisation of Service Compositions in Mobile Ad hoc Networks Using Lightweight Surrogate Models D. Efstathiou, P. McBurney, S. Zschaler, J. Bourcier 1089
Internet of Things Aware WS-BPEL Business Processes Context Variables and Expected Exceptions D. Domingos, F. Martins, C. Cândido, R. Martinho 1109
Extending Policy Languages for Expressing the Self-Adaptation of Web Services H. Mezni, W. Chainbi, K. Ghedira 1130
Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-09
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 1152
Capturing and Relating Multilingual Clinical Cases R. de Freitas Bulcão-Neto, J.A. Camacho Guerrero, P. Schor, A. Stanquini Lopes, M. Branquinho Dutra, A. Alaniz Macedo 1154
Decisions: Algebra, Implementation, and First Experiments A. Danylenko, J. Lundberg, W. Löwe 1174
A Personalized Approach for Re-ranking Search Results Using User Preferences N. Fathy, T.F. Gharib, N. Badr, A.S. Mashat, A. Abraham 1232
On Alternative Approaches for Approximating the Transposition Distance G.R. Galvão, Z. Dias 1259
Some Aspects of the Reliability of Information on the Web N. Kulathuramaiyer, H. Maurer, R. Mehmood 1284
FLOP: A User-Friendly System for Automated Program Assessment L. Llana, E. Martin-Martin, C. Pareja-Flores, J.Á. Velázquez-Iturbide 1304
A Middleware Architecture for Dynamic Adaptation in Ubiquitous Computing J. Lopes, R. Souza, C. Geyer, C. Costa, J.L.V. Barbosa, A. Pernas, A. Yamin 1327
Extending an Application-Level Checkpointing Tool to Provide Fault Tolerance Support to OpenMP Applications N. Losada, M.J. Martín, G. Rodríguez, P. González 1351
Formal Study of Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks J.A. Mateo, M. del Carmen Ruiz, H. Maciá, J.J. Pardo 1373
Content of Issue 10
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-10
Advances of Scientific Research on Technology Enhanced Learning in Social Networks and Mobile Contexts: Towards High Effective Educational Platforms for Next Generation Education M.D. Lytras, L. Zhuhadar, J.X. Zhang, E. Kurilovas 1402
Incremental Prototyping Model for the Development of Educational Platforms: a Process of Design and Quality Standards M. Careaga Butter, M.G. Badilla Quintana, E. Sepulveda Valenzuela 1407
Several Semantic Web Approaches to Improving the Adaptation Quality of Virtual Learning Environments E. Kurilovas, A. Juskeviciene, S. Kubilinskiene, S. Serikoviene 1418
A Compression Algorithm for Managing Digital Elevation Models in Mobile Devices R. Quintero, G. Guzman, M. Torres, R. Menchaca-Mendez, M. Moreno-Ibarra, F. Mata 1433
Chat as a Tool for Social Knowledge Construction Using Asynchronous Discussion Groups in Economics Degree M.T. García-Álvarez, L. Varela-Candamio, I. Novo-Corti 1443
Self-learning Mobile Robot Navigation in Unknown Environment Using Evolutionary Learning M. Algabri, H. Mathkour, H. Ramdane, M. Alsulaiman, K. Al-Mutib 1459
A Novel Vertical Fragmentation, Replication and Allocation Model in DDBSs H.I. Abdalla, A.A. Amer, H. Mathkour 1469
Exploiting the Performance-Energy Tradeoffs for Mobile Database Applications P. Yang, P. Jin, L. Yue 1488
ICTs, Mobile Learning and Social Media to Enhance Learning for Attention Difficulties A.S. Drigas, R.-E. Ioannidou, G. Kokkalia, M.D. Lytras 1499
When are Tweets Better Valued? An Empirical Study E. Alwagait, B. Shahzad 1511
Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-11
Methodologies, Technologies and Tools Enabling e-Government J. Santos Gago, L. Anido Rifón 1522
An Adaptive and Social-Aware Recommendation Algorithm for Administration Services L.M. Álvarez Sabucedo, R. Soto Barreiros, J.M. Santos Gago, M.J. Fernández Iglesias 1523
Middleware-Oriented Government Interoperability Frameworks: A Comparison G. Mecca, M. Santomauro, D. Santoro, E. Veltri 1543
A Model to Guide the Open Government Data Implementation in Public Agencies M. Solar, F. Daniels, R. López, L. Meijueiro 1564
A Secure Multi-Layer e-Document Method for Improving e-Government Processes G.N. Vo, R. Lai 1583
Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-12
Immersive Education: What does the Future Hold? M.B. Ibáñez, C. Delgado Kloos, V. Callaghan 1605
Exploring Interrelationships among High School Students' Engagement Factors in Introductory Programming Courses via a 3D Multi-user Serious Game Created in Open Sim N. Pellas 1608
PhyMEL-WS: Physically Experiencing the Virtual World. Insights into Mixed Reality and Flow State on Board a Wheelchair Simulator C. Fernández Panadero, V. de la Cruz Barquero, C. Delgado Kloos, D. Morán Núñez 1629
A Decentralized Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Learning Environments J.L.V. Barbosa, D.N. Ferrari Barbosa, J. Machado de Oliveira, S. Andrade Rabello Jr. 1649
City Ads: Embedding Virtual Worlds and Augmented Reality in Everyday Educational Practice J.A. Muñoz-Cristóbal, A. Martínez-Monés, J.I. Asensio-Pérez, S.L. Villagrá-Sobrino, J.E. Hoyos-Torio, Y. Dimitriadis 1670
User Support for Managed Immersive Education: An Evaluation of in-World Training for OpenSim I. Perera, D. Meedeniya, C. Allison, A. Miller 1690
Content of Issue 13
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-13
Collaborative Computing and Applications W. Shen, W. Li, J.A. Pino, J. Luo 1708
Developing Distributed Collaborative Applications with HTML5 under the Coupled Objects Paradigm N. Baloian, D. Aguirre, G. Zurita 1712
Understanding Collaboration in Volunteer Computing Systems D. Vega, R. Meseguer, F. Freitag, S.F. Ochoa 1738
Semantic Based Support for Planning Information Delivery in Human-agent Collaborative Teams N. Lino, C. Siebra, A. Tate 1766
An Adaptive Intent Resolving Scheme for Service Discovery and Integration C. Zheng, W. Shen, H. Ghenniwa 1791
EmotionsOnto: an Ontology for Developing Affective Applications J.-M. López-Gil, R. Gil, R. García, C.A. Collazos 1813
A Utility-Oriented Routing Scheme for Interest-Driven Community-Based Opportunistic Networks X. Fu, W. Li, G. Fortino, P. Pace, G. Aloi, W. Russo 1829
Maximum Capacity Overlapping Channel Assignment Based on Max-Cut in 802.11 Wireless Mesh Networks M. Yang, B. Liu, W. Wang, J. Luo, X. Shen 1855
Content of Issue 14
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-14
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 1875
Epidemia: Variable Consistency for Transactional Cloud Databases I. Arrieta-Salinas, J.E. Armendáriz-Iñigo, J. Navarro 1876
Formal Modeling and Verification of Motor Drive Software for Networked Motion Control Systems Y. Kim, I. Kim, I. Kang, T. Kim, M. Sung 1903
An Effective Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling with Various Flexibilities in Process Planning X. Li, X. Wen, L. Gao 1926
A Self-stabilizing Algorithm for Locating the Center of Maximal Outerplanar Graphs M. Pańczyk, H. Bielak 1951
Context Classification Framework for Handset-based End User Studies T. Soikkeli, J. Karikoski, H. Hämmäinen 1964
Content of Issue 15
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-15
The Social Media in Academia and Education
Research R-evolutions and a Paradox: Advanced Next Generation Social Learning Innovation
M.D. Lytras, H.I. Mathkour, H. Abdalla, C. Yanez-Marquez, P. Ordóñez de Pablos 1987
Web 2.0 and Social Networking Services in Municipal Emergency Management: A Study of U.S. Cities C.-W. Shen, S.-H. Chu 1995
Mapping the Impact of Social Media and Mobile Internet on Chinese Academia's Performance: A Case on Telemedicine Research 2005-2013 J. She, X. Zhang, W. Wang, P. Ordóñez de Pablos 2005
Media Content Adaptation Framework for Technology Enhanced Mobile e-Learning A. Alamri, G. Muhammad, A.A. Al Elaiwi, K.N. Al-Mutib, M.S. Hossain 2016
Technological Readiness for Teaching Practices in Immersive Learning Environments Open Sim M.G. Badilla Quintana, M.À. Prats Fernández, M. Careaga Butter, J.C. Gacitúa, C. Vásquez Carillo 2024
Adapting Learning Contents to Mobile Devices and Context to Improve Students' Learning Performance:
A Case Study
A. Garcia Cabot, E. Garcia-Lopez, L. de-Marcos, J. Abraham-Curto 2032
Leveraging Non-explicit Social Communities for Learning Analytics in Mobile Remote Laboratories P. Orduña, A. Almeida, S. Ros, D. López-de-Ipiña, J. Garcia-Zubia 2043
A "Mobile Virtual Lab" for Supporting Engineering Curricula F. Colace, M. De Santo, L. Greco 2054
Does a Change in Weekend Days Have an Impact on Social Networking Activity? B. Shahzad, E. Alwagait 2068
Enhancing Learning Experience of the Disabled:
An Accessible Tourism Platform
Y.-C.J. Wu, C.-L. Chang, Y.-J. Hsieh 2080