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Volume 20

Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-03
Conceptual Modelling with Specific Focus on Service-Oriented Systems F. Ferrarotti, G. Grossmann, K.-D. Schewe, Q. Wang 254
Towards an Extended Model of Conceptual Representations in Formal Ontologies: A Typicality-Based Proposal M. Frixione, A. Lieto 257
Translation of Structural Constraints from Conceptual Model for XML to Schematron J. Klímek, S. Benda, M. Nečaský 277
Service Composition Management: A Risk-Driven Approach S.-P. Ma, C.-L. Yeh, P.-C. Chen 302
Evaluation of OCL Expressions over XML Data Model J. Malý, M. Nečaský 329
Generating an Excerpt of a Service Level Agreement from a Formal Definition of Non-Functional Aspects Using OWL M. Rady 366
Automatic Authentication to Cloud-Based Services M.B. Vleju 385
A Framework for Cost-Aware Process Management: Cost Reporting and Cost Prediction M.T. Wynn, W.Z. Low, A.H.M. ter Hofstede, W. Nauta 406
Multilevel and Coordinated Self-management in Autonomic Systems based on Service Bus M. Zouari, C. Diop, E. Exposito 431