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Volume 20

Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-05
Software Components, Architectures and Reuse: Software Product Line Engineering and Source Code Enhancements M. Fantinato, U. Kulesza, F. Oquendo 583
A Toolset for Checking SPL Refinements F. Ferreira, R. Gheyi, P. Borba, G. Soares 587
Controlled Experiments Comparing Black-box Testing
Strategies for Software Product Lines
P. Accioly, P. Borba, R. Bonifacio 615
Consistency Checking in Early Software Product Line Specifications - The VCC Approach M. Alférez, R.E. Lopez-Herrejón, A. Moreira, V. Amaral, A. Egyed 640
Defining and Validating a Feature-Driven Requirements Engineering Approach R. Pereira de Oliveira, D. Blanes, J. Gonzalez-Huerta, E. Insfran, S. Abrahão, S. Cohen, E. Santana de Almeida 666
Flexible Feature Binding with AspectJ-based Idioms R. Andrade, H. Rebelo, M. Ribeiro, P. Borba 692
Verification of Software Product Line Artefacts: A Checklist to Support Feature Model Inspections R. Maiani de Mello, E. Nogueira Teixeira, M. Schots, C.M. Lima Werner, G. Horta Travassos 720
A Catalogue of Refactorings to Remove Incomplete Annotations F. Medeiros, M. Ribeiro, R. Gheyi, B. Fonseca 746
Thesaurus-Based Tag Clouds for Test-Driven Code Search O.A.L. Lemos, A.C. de Paula, G. Konishi, S. Bajracharya, J. Ossher, C. Lopes 772
What Should I Code Now? L.L. Nunes da Silva Junior, A. Plastino, L.G.P. Murta 797