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Volume 20

Content of Issue 10
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-10
Advances of Scientific Research on Technology Enhanced Learning in Social Networks and Mobile Contexts: Towards High Effective Educational Platforms for Next Generation Education M.D. Lytras, L. Zhuhadar, J.X. Zhang, E. Kurilovas 1402
Incremental Prototyping Model for the Development of Educational Platforms: a Process of Design and Quality Standards M. Careaga Butter, M.G. Badilla Quintana, E. Sepulveda Valenzuela 1407
Several Semantic Web Approaches to Improving the Adaptation Quality of Virtual Learning Environments E. Kurilovas, A. Juskeviciene, S. Kubilinskiene, S. Serikoviene 1418
A Compression Algorithm for Managing Digital Elevation Models in Mobile Devices R. Quintero, G. Guzman, M. Torres, R. Menchaca-Mendez, M. Moreno-Ibarra, F. Mata 1433
Chat as a Tool for Social Knowledge Construction Using Asynchronous Discussion Groups in Economics Degree M.T. García-Álvarez, L. Varela-Candamio, I. Novo-Corti 1443
Self-learning Mobile Robot Navigation in Unknown Environment Using Evolutionary Learning M. Algabri, H. Mathkour, H. Ramdane, M. Alsulaiman, K. Al-Mutib 1459
A Novel Vertical Fragmentation, Replication and Allocation Model in DDBSs H.I. Abdalla, A.A. Amer, H. Mathkour 1469
Exploiting the Performance-Energy Tradeoffs for Mobile Database Applications P. Yang, P. Jin, L. Yue 1488
ICTs, Mobile Learning and Social Media to Enhance Learning for Attention Difficulties A.S. Drigas, R.-E. Ioannidou, G. Kokkalia, M.D. Lytras 1499
When are Tweets Better Valued? An Empirical Study E. Alwagait, B. Shahzad 1511