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Volume 20

Content of Issue 13
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-13
Collaborative Computing and Applications W. Shen, W. Li, J.A. Pino, J. Luo 1708
Developing Distributed Collaborative Applications with HTML5 under the Coupled Objects Paradigm N. Baloian, D. Aguirre, G. Zurita 1712
Understanding Collaboration in Volunteer Computing Systems D. Vega, R. Meseguer, F. Freitag, S.F. Ochoa 1738
Semantic Based Support for Planning Information Delivery in Human-agent Collaborative Teams N. Lino, C. Siebra, A. Tate 1766
An Adaptive Intent Resolving Scheme for Service Discovery and Integration C. Zheng, W. Shen, H. Ghenniwa 1791
EmotionsOnto: an Ontology for Developing Affective Applications J.-M. López-Gil, R. Gil, R. García, C.A. Collazos 1813
A Utility-Oriented Routing Scheme for Interest-Driven Community-Based Opportunistic Networks X. Fu, W. Li, G. Fortino, P. Pace, G. Aloi, W. Russo 1829
Maximum Capacity Overlapping Channel Assignment Based on Max-Cut in 802.11 Wireless Mesh Networks M. Yang, B. Liu, W. Wang, J. Luo, X. Shen 1855