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Volume 11

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-01
Information Assurance and Security A. Abraham, J. Thomas, S. Sanyal, L. Jain 1
Physically Locating Wireless Intruders F. Adelstein, P. Alla, R. Joyce, G. G. Richard III 4
Low-Intrusive Consistent Disk Checkpointing: A Tool for Digital Forensics S. Sitaraman, S. Venkatesan 20
Sliding Window Protocol for Secure Group Communication in Ad-Hoc Networks I. Joe Khor, J. Thomas, I. Jonyer 37
Increasing Robustness of LSB Audio Steganography by Reduced Distortion LSB Coding N. Cvejic, T. Seppänen 56
Software/Hardware Co-Design of Efficient and Secure Cryptographic Hardware N. Nedjah, L.d.M. Mourelle 66
ProtoMon: Embedded Monitors for Cryptographic Protocol Intrusion Detection and Prevention S. P. Joglekar, S. R. Tate 83
A Novel Scheme for Secured Data Transfer Over Computer Networks R. Athi Vasudevan, A. Abraham, S. Sanyal 104
Gossip Codes for Fingerprinting: Construction, Erasure Analysis and Pirate Tracing R. S. Veerubhotla, A. Saxena, V. P. Gulati, A. K. Pujari 122
A Reference Model for Security Level Evaluation: Policy and Fuzzy Techniques V. Casola, R. Preziosi, M. Rak, L. Troiano 150
RSA-based Certified Delivery of E-Goods Using Verifiable and Recoverable Signature Encryption A. Nenadic, N. Zhang, B. Cheetham, C. Goble 175
Information Quality Assurance by Lazy Exploration of Information Source Combinations Space in Open Multi-Agent Systems J. Park, K.S. Barber 193
Content of Issue 2
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-02
Modern Technologies for Web-based Adaptive Systems N. Thanh Nguyen, J. Sobecki 210
Collaborative Web Browsing Based on Semantic Extraction of User Interests with Bookmarks J. J. Jung 213
RankFeed - Recommendation as Searching without Queries: New Hybrid Method of Recommendation M. Kiewra 229
Consensus-Based Hybrid Adaptation of Web Systems User Interfaces J. Sobecki 250
Creation of Information Profiles in Distributed Databasesas a Game Problem J. L. Kulikowski 271
Processing Inconsistency of Knowledge on Semantic Level N. Thanh Nguyen 285
An Application of the DEDS Control Synthesis Method F. Capkovic 303
Structural Tendencies in Complex Systems Development and their Implication for Software Systems A. Gecow, M. Nowostawski, M. Purvis 327
The Language Grounding Problem and its Relation to the Internal Structure of Cognitive Agents R. Piotr Katarzyniak 357
Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-03
Integration of Knowledge Management and (e)Learning S.N. Lindstaedt, J. Farmer 375
Small Groups Learning Synchronously Online at the Workplace: The Interaction of Factors Determining Outcome and Acceptance S. Münzer, B. Xiao 378
Using Weblogs for Knowledge Sharing and Learning in Information Spaces E. Ras, G. Avram, P. Waterson, S. Weibelzahl 394
Integration of Communities into Process-Oriented Structures A. Köhler, F. Fuchs-Kittowski 410
Content of Issue 4
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-04
Integrating Business Processes and Knowledge Infrastructures M. Strohmaier, S. N. Lindstaedt 426
Modeling Knowledge Work for the Design of Knowledge Infrastructures R. Maier 429
KMDL - Capturing, Analysing and Improving Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes N. Gronau, C. Müller, R. Korf 452
Tube Map Visualization: Evaluation of a Novel Knowledge Visualization Application for the Transfer of Knowledge in Long-Term Projects R. Aslak Burkhard, M. Meier 473
A Methodology and a Toolkit that Integrate Technological, Organisational, and Human Factors to Design KM within Knowledge-Intensive Networks T. Forzi, M. Peters 495
The Role of Knowledge Management Solutions in Enterprise Business Processes V. Janev, S. Vraneš 526
A Knowledge Infrastructure Hierarchy Model for Call-Centre Processes G. Timbrell, S. Koller, N. Schefe, S. N. Lindstaedt 546
Process Oriented Knowledge Management: A Service Based Approach R. Woitsch, D. Karagiannis 565
Reconciling Knowledge Management and Workflow Management Systems: The Activity-Based Knowledge Management Approach S. Dustdar 589
Modelling and Implementing Pre-built Information Spaces. Architecture and Methods for Process Oriented Knowledge Management K. Böhm, W. Engelbach, J. Härtwig, M. Wilcken, M. Delp 605
Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-05
Atomicity in System Design and Execution (Proceedings of Dagstuhl-Seminar 04181) J. Burton, C. B. Jones 634
The Atomic Manifesto C. B. Jones, D. Lomet, A. Romanovsky, G. Weikum 636
Atomicity as a First-Class System Provision J.E.B. Moss, R. Rajwar 651
Investigating Atomicity and Observability J. Burton, C. B. Jones 661
On Atomicity and Software Development J. Kienzle 687
Replication: Understanding the Advantage of Atomic Broadcast over Quorum Systems R. Ekwall, A. Schiper 703
Precise Modelling of Compensating Business Transactions and its Application to BPEL M. Butler, C. Ferreira, M.Y. Ng 712
Formal Construction of a Non-blocking Concurrent Queue Algorithm J.-R. Abrial, D. Cansell 744
Relaxing Atomicity and Verifying Correctness: Considering the Case of an Asynchronous Communication Mechanism J. Burton 771
Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-06
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 803
How to Draw Free Trees Inside Bounded Simple Polygons A. Bagheri, M. Razzazi 804
A Provably Efficient Computational Model For Approximate Spatiotemporal Retrieval V. Delis, C. Makris, S. Sioutas 830
Time Costs in Actor Computations M. Di Santo, F. Frattolillo 850
Analysis, Design, and Performance Evaluation of MS-RTCP: More Scalable Scheme for the Real-Time Control Protocol N. A. Elramly, A. S. Habib, O. S. Essa, H. M. Harb 874
Automatic Test Data Generation for Data Flow Testing Using a Genetic Algorithm M. R. Girgis 898
On Theoretical Upper Bound for Routing Estimation F. He, G. Yang, L. Cheng, X. Song, M. Gu, J. Sun 916
Fine-Grained Transclusions of Multimedia Documents in HTML J. Kolbitsch 926
On Complexity of Collective Communications on a Fat Cube Topology V. Kutálek, V. Dvořák 944
TESTAF: A Test Automation Framework for Class Testing using Object-Oriented Formal Specifications A. Nadeem, M. Jaffar-ur-Rehman 962
A Provably Secure and Efficient Verifiable Shuffle based on a Variant of the Paillier Cryptosystem L. Nguyen, R. Safavi-Naini, K. Kurosawa 986
Exploiting Agent Ontologies in B2C Virtual Marketplaces D. Rosaci 1011
Domain Extenders for UOWHF: A Finite Binary Tree Algorithm P. Sarkar 1040
Model Checking, Automated Abstraction, and Compositional Verification of Rebeca Models M. Sirjani, A. Movaghar, A. Shali, F. S. de Boer 1054
A Fast T-decomposition Algorithm J. Yang, U. Speidel 1083
Collect the Fitted Surfaces into Complex Based on C0 Continuity E. A. Zanaty, M. R. Girgis 1102
Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-07
The 9th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages M.A. Musicante, R.M.F. Lima 1115
A Constructive Approach to Language Definition P.D. Mosses 1117
Hardware Design and Functional Programming: a Perfect Match M. Sheeran 1135
The Implementation of Lua 5.0 R. Ierusalimschy, L.H. de Figueiredo, W. Celes 1159
AspectLua - A Dynamic AOP Approach N. Cacho, T. Batista, F. Fernandes 1177
A Formal Semantics for Finalizers M. Amorim Leal, R. Ierusalimschy 1198
PEWS: A New Language for Building Web Service Interfaces C. Ba, M.A. Carrero, M. Halfeld Ferrari, M.A. Musicante 1215
mHaskell: Mobile Computation in a Purely Functional Language A. Rauber Du Bois, P. Trinder, H.-W. Loidl 1234
Compiling Non­strict Functional Languages for the .NET Platform M. Monteiro, M. Araújo, R. Borges, A. Santos 1255
Running Lua Scripts on the CLR through Bytecode Translation F. Mascarenhas, R. Ierusalimschy 1275
An Experimental Evaluation of JAVA JIT Technology A. Faustino da Silva, V. Santos Costa 1291
Signals and Comonads T. Uustalu, T. Vene 1311
An Equational Specification for the Scheme Language M. d'Amorim, G. Rosu 1327
Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-08
Data Streams J.S. Aguilar-Ruiz, J. Gama 1349
Learning Decision Trees from Dynamic Data Streams J. Gama, P. Medas 1353
Network Attack Scenarios Extraction and Categorization by Mining IDS Alert Streams W. Yan 1367
Semantic Preprocessing of Web Request Streams for Web Usage Mining J.J. Jung 1383
Evaluating Trigger Conditions on Streaming Time Series with User-given Quality Requirements L. Gao, M. Wang, X.S. Wang 1397
Online Mining Changes of Items over Continuous Append-only and Dynamic Data Streams H.-F. Li, S.-Y. Lee, M.-K. Shan 1411
Incremental Rule Learning and Border Examples Selection from Numerical Data Streams F.J. Ferrer-Troyano, J.S. Aguilar-Ruiz, J.C. Riquelme 1426
Resource-aware Mining of Data Streams M.M. Gaber, S. Krishnaswamy, A. Zaslavsky 1440
Content of Issue 9
Computers and Education: Research and Experiences in eLearning Technology J. Bravo, B. Fernández-Manjón, J.M. Sánchez-Pérez 1454
From Contents to Activities: Modelling Units of Learning M. Caeiro-Rodríguez, M. Llamas-Nistal, L. Anido-Rifón 1458
Semantic Web Technologies Applied to e-learning Personalization in <e-aula> P. Sancho, I. Martínez, B. Fernández-Manjón 1470
A Tool for the Reinforcement of Conceptual Learning: Description and Use Experiences R. Moriyón, F. Saiz 1482
Ubiquitous Computing in the Classroom: An Approach through Identification Process J. Bravo, R. Hervás, G. Chavira 1494
Integrating Educational Tools for Collaborative Computer Programming Learning C. Bravo, M.J. Marcelino, A. Gomes, M. Esteves, A.J. Mendes 1505
From Chasqui to Chasqui II: an Evolution in the Conceptualization of Virtual Objects A. Navarro, J.L. Sierra, A. Fernández-Valmayor, H. Hernanz 1518
Authoring and Diagnosis of Learning Activities with the KADD ET Environment B. Ferrero, M. Martín, A. Alvarez, M. Urretavizcaya, I. Fernández-Castro 1530
A System to Support Asynchronous Collaborative Learning Tasks Using PDAs A.I. Molina, M.A. Redondo, M. Ortega 1543
Case Studies in Tele-Education: Research and Projects M.A. Vega-Rodríguez, J.A. Gómez-Pulido, J.M. Sánchez-Pérez 1555
Integrating Ontologies into the Collaborative Authoring of Learning Objects J.M. Dodero, P. Díaz, A. Sarasa, I. Sarasa 1568
Content of Issue 10
Compositional Construction and Reasoning Techniques for Software F. Arbab, J.N. Kok 1577
From Algebras to Objects: Generation and Composition A.M. Cruz, L. Soares Barbosa, J.N. Oliveira 1580
Analyzing Module Diversity A. Bergel, S. Ducasse, O. Nierstrasz 1613
A Non-Invasive Approach to Assertive and Autonomous Dynamic Component Composition in the Service-Oriented Paradigm F. Cao, B.R. Bryant, R.R. Raje, A.M. Olson, M. Auguston, W. Zhao, C.C. Burt 1645
Coordinating Behavioral Descriptions of Components S. Amaro, E. Pimentel, A.M. Roldán 1676
Modular Verification of a Component-Based Actor Language M. Sirjani, F.S. de Boer, A. Movaghar 1695
Probabilistic Models for Reo Connector Circuits C. Baier 1718
Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-11
Visual Data Mining J.S. Aguilar-Ruiz, F.J. Ferrer-Troyano 1749
Semi-Automatic Visual Subgroup Mining using VIKAMINE M. Atzmueller, F. Puppe 1752
Scalable Visual Data Exploration of Large Data Sets via MultiResolution D.A. Keim, J. Schneidewind 1766
Visualizing Recommendation Flow on Social Network J.J. Jung 1780
Gravi++: Interactive Information Visualization to Explore Highly Structured Temporal Data K. Hinum, S. Miksch, W. Aigner, S. Ohmann, C. Popow, M. Pohl, M. Rester 1792
Visualization of High-dimensional Data via Orthogonal Curves C. García-Osorio, C. Fyfe 1806
Integrating Lite-Weight but Ubiquitous Data Mining into GUI Operating Systems L. Wei, E. Keogh, X. Xi, S. Lonardi 1820
Connecting Segments for Visual Data Exploration and Interactive Mining of Decision Rules F.J. Ferrer-Troyano, J.S. Aguilar-Ruiz, J.C. Riquelme 1835
Visualization and Manipulation of Incomplete and Uncertain Dependencies by Decision Diagrams D.V. Popel 1849
Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-12
Constructivity, Computability, and Logic
A Collection of Papers in Honour of the 60th Birthday of Douglas Bridges
C.S. Calude, H. Ishihara 1863
Constructive Suprema M.A. Baroni 1865
Constructive Equivalents of the Uniform Continuity Theorem J. Berger 1878
Computability of the Spectrum of Self-Adjoint Operators V. Brattka, R. Dillhage 1884
Algorithmic Irreducibility in a Cellular Automata Universe G. Chaitin 1901
Constructive Analysis of Iterated Rational Functions J. Clark 1904
Formal Topology and Constructive Mathematics: the Gelfand and Stone-Yosida Representation Theorems T. Coquand, B. Spitters 1932
Axiomatic Classes of Intuitionistic Models R. Goldblatt 1945
On Firmness of the State Space and Positive Elements of a Banach Algebra R.S. Havea 1963
Nonrandom Sequences between Random Sequences P. Hertling 1970
Permutability of Rules for Linear Lattices S. Negri 1986
Quotient Spaces and Coequalisers in Formal Topology E. Palmgren 1996
Constructive Set Theory and Brouwerian Principles M. Rathjen 2008
Constructing Programs or Processes S. Reeves, D. Streader 2034
Constructive Aspects of Markov Chains F. Richman 2046
On the Meaning of Positivity Relations for Regular Formal Spaces G. Sambin, G. Trentinaglia 2056
Functional Dependencies with Counting on Trees K.-D. Schewe 2063
What is Continuity, Constructively? P. Schuster 2076
A Direct Proof of the Equivalence between Brouwer's Fan Theorem and König's Lemma with a Uniqueness Hypothesis H. Schwichtenberg 2086
Constructive Results on Operator Algebras B. Spitters 2096
Hausdorff Measure and Lukasiewicz Languages L. Staiger 2114
New Bounds for Positive Roots of Polynomials D. Ştefănescu 2125
How the Mathematical Objects Determine the Mathematical Principles D. van Dalen 2132
Perhaps the Intermediate Value Theorem W. Veldman 2142
On Complements of Sets and the Efremovič Condition in Pre-apartness Spaces L.S. Vîţă 2159
A Constructive Approach to Sylvester's Conjecture J. von Plato 2165
Sequential Computability of a Function. Effective Fine Space and Limiting Recursion M. Yasugi, Y. Tsujii, T. Mori 2179