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Volume 11 / Issue 9

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Case Studies in Tele-Education: Research and Projects

Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez (Dept. Informatica, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain)

Juan A. Gómez-Pulido (Dept. Informatica, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain)

Juan Manuel Sánchez-Pérez (Spain, Dept. Informatica, Universidad de Extremadura)

Abstract: ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) are a very important educational resource at the present time because they allow place and time limitations to be overcome and therefore reduce costs. In addition, multimedia applications offer a set of characteristics in order to improve learning by means of interactive activities. For these reasons, we believe it is important to devote efforts to the development of proposals and prototypes for teaching via Internet. Since 1998, our research group has been focused on this objective and working on diverse projects such as SD2I, TEDA or PDIWeb. In this paper we overview all these projects, presenting a general description of each web platform, as well as the tools and methods used for their implementation. This paper also includes the results obtained after the use of each platform and the feedback from surveys. In this way, several conclusions are presented in the last section of this paper.

Keywords: Internet, computer uses in education, hypertext/hypermedia, multimedia, web-based services

Categories: C.2.5, H.3.5, H.5.1, H.5.4, K.3.1