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Volume 11

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-01
Information Assurance and Security A. Abraham, J. Thomas, S. Sanyal, L. Jain 1
Physically Locating Wireless Intruders F. Adelstein, P. Alla, R. Joyce, G. G. Richard III 4
Low-Intrusive Consistent Disk Checkpointing: A Tool for Digital Forensics S. Sitaraman, S. Venkatesan 20
Sliding Window Protocol for Secure Group Communication in Ad-Hoc Networks I. Joe Khor, J. Thomas, I. Jonyer 37
Increasing Robustness of LSB Audio Steganography by Reduced Distortion LSB Coding N. Cvejic, T. Seppänen 56
Software/Hardware Co-Design of Efficient and Secure Cryptographic Hardware N. Nedjah, L.d.M. Mourelle 66
ProtoMon: Embedded Monitors for Cryptographic Protocol Intrusion Detection and Prevention S. P. Joglekar, S. R. Tate 83
A Novel Scheme for Secured Data Transfer Over Computer Networks R. Athi Vasudevan, A. Abraham, S. Sanyal 104
Gossip Codes for Fingerprinting: Construction, Erasure Analysis and Pirate Tracing R. S. Veerubhotla, A. Saxena, V. P. Gulati, A. K. Pujari 122
A Reference Model for Security Level Evaluation: Policy and Fuzzy Techniques V. Casola, R. Preziosi, M. Rak, L. Troiano 150
RSA-based Certified Delivery of E-Goods Using Verifiable and Recoverable Signature Encryption A. Nenadic, N. Zhang, B. Cheetham, C. Goble 175
Information Quality Assurance by Lazy Exploration of Information Source Combinations Space in Open Multi-Agent Systems J. Park, K.S. Barber 193