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Volume 11

Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-07
The 9th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages M.A. Musicante, R.M.F. Lima 1115
A Constructive Approach to Language Definition P.D. Mosses 1117
Hardware Design and Functional Programming: a Perfect Match M. Sheeran 1135
The Implementation of Lua 5.0 R. Ierusalimschy, L.H. de Figueiredo, W. Celes 1159
AspectLua - A Dynamic AOP Approach N. Cacho, T. Batista, F. Fernandes 1177
A Formal Semantics for Finalizers M. Amorim Leal, R. Ierusalimschy 1198
PEWS: A New Language for Building Web Service Interfaces C. Ba, M.A. Carrero, M. Halfeld Ferrari, M.A. Musicante 1215
mHaskell: Mobile Computation in a Purely Functional Language A. Rauber Du Bois, P. Trinder, H.-W. Loidl 1234
Compiling Non­strict Functional Languages for the .NET Platform M. Monteiro, M. Araújo, R. Borges, A. Santos 1255
Running Lua Scripts on the CLR through Bytecode Translation F. Mascarenhas, R. Ierusalimschy 1275
An Experimental Evaluation of JAVA JIT Technology A. Faustino da Silva, V. Santos Costa 1291
Signals and Comonads T. Uustalu, T. Vene 1311
An Equational Specification for the Scheme Language M. d'Amorim, G. Rosu 1327