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Volume 9

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-01
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 1
A Multiply Hierarchical Automaton Semantics for the IWIM Coordination Model R. Banach, F. Arbab, G. A. Papadopoulos, J. R. W. Glauert 2
Relativizing Function Classes C. Glaßer, G. Wechsung 34
Experimental Studies within the Software Engineering Process for Intelligent Assistance in a GUI M. Virvou, K. Kabassi 51
Content of Issue 2
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-02
J.UCS Special Issue on Tools for System Design and Verification R. Berghammer, D. Haneberg, W. Reif, G. Schellhorn 86
Moby/RT: A Tool for Specification and Verification of Real-Time Systems E.-R. Olderog, H. Dierks 88
Checking Object System Designs Incrementally H.-D. Ehrich, M. Kollmann, R. Pinger 106
Optimized Temporal Logic Compilation A. Krebs, J. Ruf 120
A Case Study in Verification of UML Statecharts: the PROFIsafe Protocol R. Malik, R. Mühlfeld 138
HOL-Z 2.0: A Proof Environment for Z-Specifications A.D. Brucker, F. Rittinger, B. Wolff 152
Tool Support for the Interactive Derivation of Formally Correct Functional Programs W. Guttmann, H. Partsch, W. Schulte, T. Vullinghs 173
Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-03
J.UCS Special Issue on Compiler Optimization meets Compiler Verification (COCV 2002) J. Knoop, W. Zimmermann 189
Using Program Checking to Ensure the Correctness of Compiler Implementations S. Glesner 191
VOC: A Methodology for the Translation Validation of OptimizingCompilers L. Zuck, A. Pnueli, Y. Fang, B. Goldberg 223
An Automatic Verification Technique for Loop and Data Reuse Transformations based on Geometric Modeling of Programs K. C. Shashidhar, M. Bruynooghe, F. Catthoor, G. Janssens 248
Alias Verification for Fortran Code Optimization T.V.N. Nguyen, F. Irigoin 270
Content of Issue 4
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-04
J. UCS Special Issue on Dynamic Symbolic Languages H. Maurer 298
The Future of PCs and Implications on Society H. Maurer, R. Oliver 300
Foundations of MIRACLE: Multimedia Information Repository, A Computer-supported Language Effort H. Maurer, R. Stubenrauch, D. G. Camhy 309
Applications of MIRACLE: Working With Dynamic Visual Information R. Stubenrauch, D. G. Camhy, J. Lennon, H. Maurer 349
A Cross-Disciplinary Bibliography on Visual Languages for Information Sharing and Archiving D. G. Camhy, R. Stubenrauch 369
Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-05
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 397
Fibonacci Type Coding for the Regular Rectangular Tilings of the Hyperbolic Plane M. Margenstern, G. Skordev 398
Cyclical Structure Converter (CSC): a System for Handling the Interaction of Structured and Semi-structured Data Sources J. Mbale, D. Ursino, X.X. Fei 423
Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-06
J.UCS Special Issue:
I-Know 03 - Hot Spots in Knowledge Management
K. Tochtermann 447
The post-Nonaka Knowledge Management P. Schütt 451
The Benefits of Knowledge Management - Results of the German Award "Knowledge Manager 2002" K. North, T. Hornung 463
Managing Operation Knowledge for the Metal Industry S.-T. Li, H.-C. Hsieh 472
Filters in the Strategy Formulation Process L. Ilmola, A. Kotsalo-Mustonen 481
The Richness of Diversity in Knowledge Creation: An Interdisciplinary Overview M. Bonifacio, A. Molani 491
SCBS Social Capital Benchmarking System - Profiting from Social Capital when Building Network Organisations J.M. Viedma 501
Unified Access to Heterogeneous Audiovisual Archives Y. Avrithis, G. Stamou, M. Wallace, F. Marques, P. Salembier, X. Giro, W. Haas, H. Vallant, M. Zufferey 510
Pruning-based Identification of Domain Ontologies R. Volz, R. Studer, A. Maedche, B. Lauser 520
Automatic Discovery and Aggregation of Compound Names for the Use in Knowledge Representations C. Biemann, U. Quasthoff, K. Böhm, C. Wolff 530
Process-oriented Knowledge Structuring K. Mertins, P. Heisig, K. Alwert 542
Towards the Semantic Grid: Putting Knowledge to Work in Design Optimisation F. Tao, L. Chen, N. Shadbolt, G. Pound, S. Cox 551
Knowledge Management for Computational Problem Solving D. T. Lee, G. C. Lee, Y. W. Huang 563
Converging Knowledge Management, Training and e-learning: Scenarios to Make it Work L. Efimova, J. Swaak 571
Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-07
Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions - J.UCS Special Issue U. Reimer, Y. Sure 579
The Strong Effects of the Soft Factors of Knowledge Management T. Bohinc, S. Markham 581
A Note on Culture-sensitive Knowledge Management in OE-sales Area of Robert Bosch GmbH M. Kuhn 592
Defining Culture-Bound User Characteristics as a Starting-Point for the Design of Adaptive Learning Systems E. Kamentz, C. Womser-Hacker 596
Structural Case-Based Reasoning and Ontology-Based Knowledge Management: A Perfect Match? R. Bergmann, M. Schaaf 608
Case-Based Reuse of Software Examplets M. Grabert, D. Bridge 627
Organizing the Knowledge Used in Software Maintenance M.G. Batista Dias, N. Anquetil, K.M. de Oliveira 641
Experience Base Schema Building Blocks of the PLEASERS Library R. L. Feldmann, R. Carbon 659
Managing Organizational Risk Knowledge L. de Landa Farias, G.H. H. Travassos, A. Regina Rocha 670
SemanticMiner - Ontology-Based Knowledge Retrieval E. Moench, M. Ullrich, H.-P. Schnurr, J. Angele 682
On the Role of the Librarian Agent in Ontology-based Knowledge Management Systems N. Stojanovic 697
Effective Integration of Knowledge Management into the Business Starts with a Top-down Knowledge Strategy J. Hofer-Alfeis 719
Content of Issue 8
7th Brasilian Symposium on Programming Languages
J.UCS Special Issue
R. Ierusalimschy, L. Figueiredo, M. Tulio de Oliveira Valente 729
LuaTS - A Reactive Event-Driven Tuple Space M. Amorim Leal, N. Rodriguez, R. Ierusalimschy 730
Distributed Typed Concurrent Objects: a Programming Language for Distributed Computations with Mobile Resources Ã. Reis Figueira, H. Paulino, L. Lopes, F. Silva 745
Asynchronous Remote Method Invocation in Java W. Figueiredo Taveira, M. Tulio de Oliveira Valente, M.A. da Silva Bigonha, R. da Silva Bigonha 761
Haskell#: Parallel Programming Made Simple and Efficient F.H. de Carvalho Júnior, R. Dueire Lins 776
Implementation of an Embedded Hardware Description Language Using Haskell N.M. Mendes Alves, S. de Mello Schneider 795
Lazy Cyclic Reference Counting R. Dueire Lins 813
Constant Propagation on Predicated Code J. Koop, O. Rüthing 829
Dependently Typed Pattern Matching H. Xi 851
Practical Type Inference for Polymorphic Recursion: an Implementation in Haskell C. Vasconcellos, L. Figueiredo, C. Camarão 873
Towards a Calculus of State-based Software Components L. Soares Barbosa 891
Object-Oriented Action Semantics Specifications C. Carvilhe, M. A. Musicante 910
Developing Adaptive J2ME Applications Using AspectJ A. Dantas, P. Borba 935
XOCL - an XML Language for Specifying Logical Constraints in Object Oriented Models F. Ramalho, J. Robin, R. Barros 956
Aspect Weaving Strategies E. Kessler Piveta, L. Carlos Zancanella 970
Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-09
Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
J.UCS Special Issue
H. W. Guesgen, F. D. Anger, G. Ligozat, R. V. Rodríguez 984
An Applied Calculus for Spatial Accessibility Reasoning M. Pool 986
Abstract Representation of Object and Structural Symmetries Detection V. Dugat, P. Gambarotto, Y. Larvor 1008
Reasoning about Propagation of Properties over Regions K. Takahashi 1030
Action Vectors: Modeling Spatial Relations between Objects and Routes J. Araki 1046
Modeling and Comparing Farm Maps using Graphs and Case-based Reasoning F.L. Ber, A. Napoli, J.-L. Metzger, S. Lardon 1073
Modeling Motion by the Integration of Topology and Time L. Museros, M.T. Escrig 1096
Direct Granularity Conversions among Temporal Constraints C. Bettini, S. Ruffini 1123
Propositional Interval Neighborhood Temporal Logics V. Goranko, A. Montanari, G. Sciavicco 1137
Fuzziness and Uncertainty in Temporal Reasoning D. Dubois, A. HadjAli, H. Prade 1168
Content of Issue 10
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-10
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 1195
What is the Value of Taxicab(6)? C.S. Calude, E. Calude, M. J. Dinneen 1196
On Identification in ZZ2 Using Translates of Given Patterns I. Honkala, A. Lobstein 1204
An Inoteroperability Testing Approach to Wireless Applications Protocols O. Koné 1220
Why it is Difficult to Introduce e-Learning into Schools And Some New Solutions J. Lennon, H. Maurer 1244
Content of Issue 11
Formal Specifications of Computer-Based Systems - J.UCS Special Issue V. Dvořák, M. Sveda, C. Rattray, J. W. Rozenblit 1258
Monitoring Temporal Logic Specifications Combined with Time Series Constraints D. Drusinsky, M.-T. Shing 1261
Automatically Generated CSP Specifications F. Scuglik, M. Sveda 1277
On the Use of Graph Transformation in the Formal Specification of Model Interpreters G. Karsai, A. Agrawal, F. Shi, J. Sprinkle 1296
Defining a Formal Coalgebraic Semantics for The Rosetta Specification Language C. Kong, P. Alexander, C. Menon 1322
An Information Flow Method to Detect Denial of Service Vulnerabilities S. Lafrance, J. Mullins 1350
Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-12
Skills Management - Managing Competencies in the Knowledge-based Economy - J.UCS Special Issue T. Ley, D. Albert 1370
Transparency and Transfer of Individual Competencies - A Concept of Integrative Competence Management K. Reinhardt, K. North 1372
Skill and Competence Management as a Base of an Integrated Personnel Development (IPD) - A Pilot Project in the Putzmeister, Inc./Germany S. Beck 1381
Sharing Knowledge on Knowledge - The eXact Peripheral Expertise Awareness System M. Won, V. Pipek 1388
A Practical Knowledge-based Approach to Skill Management and Personal Development W. Hiermann, M. Höfferer 1398
Organisational Memory Information Systems An example of a Group Memory System for the Management of Group Competencies J. Braga de Vasconcelos, C. Kimble, Á. Rocha 1410
Applying Competence Prerequisite Structures for eLearning and Skill Management C. Hockemeyer, O. Conlan, V. Wade, D. Albert 1428
A Formal Approach to Ontology-Based Semantic Match of Skills Descriptions S. Colucci, T. Di Noia, E. Di Sciascio, F.M. Donini, M. Mongiello, M. Mottola 1437
Skill Assessment in Problem Solving and Simulated Learning Environments L. Stefanutti, D. Albert 1455
Individual Knowledge as a Bridge between Human and Customer Capital J. G. Cegarra-Navarro, B. Rodrigo-Moya 1469
A Tool Kit for Measurement of Organisational Learning: Methodological Requirements and an Illustrative Example A. Mette Fuglseth, K. Groenhaug 1487
Identifying Employee Competencies in Dynamic Work Domains: Methodological Considerations and a Case Study T. Ley, D. Albert 1500
Bad Management and its Consequences in a Problematic European Union Member E. Tomé 1519