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Volume 9

Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-009-12
Skills Management - Managing Competencies in the Knowledge-based Economy - J.UCS Special Issue T. Ley, D. Albert 1370
Transparency and Transfer of Individual Competencies - A Concept of Integrative Competence Management K. Reinhardt, K. North 1372
Skill and Competence Management as a Base of an Integrated Personnel Development (IPD) - A Pilot Project in the Putzmeister, Inc./Germany S. Beck 1381
Sharing Knowledge on Knowledge - The eXact Peripheral Expertise Awareness System M. Won, V. Pipek 1388
A Practical Knowledge-based Approach to Skill Management and Personal Development W. Hiermann, M. Höfferer 1398
Organisational Memory Information Systems An example of a Group Memory System for the Management of Group Competencies J. Braga de Vasconcelos, C. Kimble, Á. Rocha 1410
Applying Competence Prerequisite Structures for eLearning and Skill Management C. Hockemeyer, O. Conlan, V. Wade, D. Albert 1428
A Formal Approach to Ontology-Based Semantic Match of Skills Descriptions S. Colucci, T. Di Noia, E. Di Sciascio, F.M. Donini, M. Mongiello, M. Mottola 1437
Skill Assessment in Problem Solving and Simulated Learning Environments L. Stefanutti, D. Albert 1455
Individual Knowledge as a Bridge between Human and Customer Capital J. G. Cegarra-Navarro, B. Rodrigo-Moya 1469
A Tool Kit for Measurement of Organisational Learning: Methodological Requirements and an Illustrative Example A. Mette Fuglseth, K. Groenhaug 1487
Identifying Employee Competencies in Dynamic Work Domains: Methodological Considerations and a Case Study T. Ley, D. Albert 1500
Bad Management and its Consequences in a Problematic European Union Member E. Tomé 1519