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Volume 9

Content of Issue 11
Formal Specifications of Computer-Based Systems - J.UCS Special Issue V. Dvořák, M. Sveda, C. Rattray, J. W. Rozenblit 1258
Monitoring Temporal Logic Specifications Combined with Time Series Constraints D. Drusinsky, M.-T. Shing 1261
Automatically Generated CSP Specifications F. Scuglik, M. Sveda 1277
On the Use of Graph Transformation in the Formal Specification of Model Interpreters G. Karsai, A. Agrawal, F. Shi, J. Sprinkle 1296
Defining a Formal Coalgebraic Semantics for The Rosetta Specification Language C. Kong, P. Alexander, C. Menon 1322
An Information Flow Method to Detect Denial of Service Vulnerabilities S. Lafrance, J. Mullins 1350