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Volume 2

Content of Issue 1
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-01
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 1
Wait-Freedom vs. Bounded Wait Freedom in Public Data Structures H. Brit, S. Moran 2
LAN Access Over ISDN F. Pucher, H. Leitold, R. Posch 20
The Dortmund Family of Hypermedia Models - Concepts and their Application K. Tochtermann, G. Dittrich 34
Content of Issue 2
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-02
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 57
Curve Fitting and Interpolation of Biological Data Under Uncertainties S. M. Markov, Y. Akyildiz 58
Inexact Information Systems and its Application to Approximate Reasoning P. Tsanova Andreeva 70
Dedicated Hardware for Biological Sequence Comparison D. Lavenier 77
On the Scalability of Molecular Computational Solutions to NP Problems D. A. Mac Dónaill 87
Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-03
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 96
An Optimal Parallel Algorithm for Learning DFA J. L. Balcázar, J. Díaz, R. Gavaldà, O. Watanabe 97
Government, Cryptography, and the Right to Privacy J. Shearer, P. Gutmann 113
On the Difficulty of Constructing Cryptographically Strong Substitution Boxes X.-M. Zhang, Y. Zheng 147
Content of Issue 4
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-04
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 163
MONSTR I - Fundamental Issues and the Design of MONSTR R. Banach 164
On Images of Algebraic Series J. Honkala 217
The Power of Restricted Splicing with Rules from a Regular Language L. Kari, G. Paun, A. Salomaa 224
Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-05
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 241
The Finite, the Unbounded and the Infinite C.S. Calude 242
Introduction To Algorithmic Information Theory G. Markowsky 245
The Limits of Mathematics G. J. Chaitin 270
Kraft-Chaitin Inequality Revisited C.S. Calude, C. Grozea 306
Quantum Algorithmic Information Theory K. Svozil 311
Towards Foundations of Cryptography: Investigation of Perfect Secrecy H. Jürgensen, L. Robbins 347
Is Finite Precision Arithmetic Useful For Physics ? F. Chaitin-Chatelin 380
Polynomials, Constructivity and Randomness D. Ştefănescu 396
Chaitin's ToyLisp on a Connex Machine G. Stefan, M. Malita 410
Toy LISP Interpreter on a Connex Memory Maschine B. Mîtu, C. Mîtu 427
Algorithmic Information Theory: Open Problems C.S. Calude 439
Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-06
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 442
Integrated Multimedia-Based Distance Teaching of Information Technology W. A. Halang, B. J. Krämer, J. Schormann 443
Educational Video and TV in Distance Education - Production and Design Aspects - M. Hauff, W. Laaser 456
ASIC Design at Home F. Heinrichmeyer 474
On the Potential of Distance Education in the Age of Information Technology B. Holmberg 484
Media Publishing in Distance Teaching F. Kaderali, H. Müller, A. Rieke 492
Communicating and Learning in "Virtual Seminars": The Uses of Spatial Metaphors in Interface Design S. Schwan, F. W. Hesse 503
Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-07
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 514
On Combining the Knowledge of Heterogeneous Information Repositories U. M. Borghoff, J. H. Schlichter 515
Ceilings of Monotone Boolean Functions P. E. Dunne 533
Disjunctive Omega-Words and Real Numbers P. Hertling 549
Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-08
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 569
The Edge-Flipping Distance of Triangulations S. Hanke, T. Ottmann, S. Schuierer 570
LATE: A Unified Concept for a Learning And Teaching Environment H. Maurer 580
Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-09
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 569
Managing Interdisciplinary Project Teams Through the Web P. S. Chinowsky, R. E. Goodman 597
Designing Digital Libraries for the Hyperliterate Age P. J. Nürnberg, E. R. Schneider, J. J. Leggett 610
Linguistic Tools for Modelling Alter Egos in Cyberspace: Who is responsible? R. P. van de Riet, J. F. M. Burg 623
ProFusion: Intelligent Fusion from Multiple, Distributed Search Engines S. Gauch, G. Wang, M. Gomez 637
Professional Electronic Publishing in Hyper-G The Next Generation Publishing Solution on the Web K. Schmaranz 650
Content of Issue 10
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-10
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 659
A Word from the Guest Editor: "Classroom of the Future" P.A. Carlson 660
The Classroom as ONE Learning Environment of the Future M. Vivet 663
Computer-Supported Human Cooperation in Electronic Classrooms T. Müldner, R. A. Nicholl 679
Interdisciplinary Development of an Electronic Class and Conference Room M. Mühlhäuser 694
Preparing Teachers to Use and Apply Technology: New Models for a New Era R. A. Diem 711
Groupware for Collaborative Learning: A research Perspective on Processes, Opportunities, and Obstacles L. Schrum, T. A. Lamb 717
Teaching on the WWW: Assignment Focus and Information Indexing R. Rada 732
Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-11
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 744
Remarks on Propagating Partition-Limited ETOL Systems H. Fernau 745
Conditional Branching is not Necessary for Universal Computation in von Neumann Computers R. Rojas 756
Data Compression and Serial Communication with Generalized T-Codes U. Günther 769
Content of Issue 12
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-002-12
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 796
Teaching Hypertext and Hypermedia through the Web P. M. E. De Bra 797
Delivering Hypertext Based Courseware on the WWW D. Marshall, S. Hurley 805
Evaluating and Improving WWW-Aided Instruction S. A. Rebelsky 829
One Net One World Global Citizenship and the Internet J. Shearer 842