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Volume 11

Content of Issue 2
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-011-02
Modern Technologies for Web-based Adaptive Systems N. Thanh Nguyen, J. Sobecki 210
Collaborative Web Browsing Based on Semantic Extraction of User Interests with Bookmarks J. J. Jung 213
RankFeed - Recommendation as Searching without Queries: New Hybrid Method of Recommendation M. Kiewra 229
Consensus-Based Hybrid Adaptation of Web Systems User Interfaces J. Sobecki 250
Creation of Information Profiles in Distributed Databasesas a Game Problem J. L. Kulikowski 271
Processing Inconsistency of Knowledge on Semantic Level N. Thanh Nguyen 285
An Application of the DEDS Control Synthesis Method F. Capkovic 303
Structural Tendencies in Complex Systems Development and their Implication for Software Systems A. Gecow, M. Nowostawski, M. Purvis 327
The Language Grounding Problem and its Relation to the Internal Structure of Cognitive Agents R. Piotr Katarzyniak 357