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Articles by Topics
Topic H. - Information Systems
Topic H.5.4 - Hypertext/Hypermedia

Z.A. Al-Sharif, M.I. Al-Saleh, Y. Jararweh, L. Alawneh, A.S. Shatnawi:
The Effects of Platforms and Languages on the Memory Footprint of the Executable Program: A Memory Forensic Approach
page 1174 - 1198
Vol.25 / Issue 9
A. Aqqal, C. Rensing, R. Steinmetz, N. Elkamoun, A. Berraissoul:
Using Taxonomies to Support the Macro Design Process for the Production of Web Based Trainings
page 1763 - 1774
Vol.14 / Issue 10
R.F. Arroyo, M. Gea, J.L. Garrido, P.A. Haya, R.M. Carro:
Authoring Social-aware Tasks on Active Spaces
page 2840 - 2858
Vol.14 / Issue 17
M. Arrue, M. Vigo, J. Abascal:
Supporting the Development of Accessible Web Applications
page 2699 - 2719
Vol.14 / Issue 16
T. Baars, M. Spruit:
Analysing the Security Risks of Cloud Adoption Using the SeCA Model: A Case Study
page 1662 - 1678
Vol.18 / Issue 12
A.J. Berlanga, F.J. García-Peñalvo:
Learning Design in Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems
page 3627 - 3647
Vol.14 / Issue 22
J.G. Boticario, O.C. Santos:
A Standards-based Modelling Approach for Dynamic Generation of Adaptive Learning Scenarios
page 2859 - 2876
Vol.14 / Issue 17
J.G. Boticario, A. Rodriguez-Ascaso, O.C. Santos, E. Raffenne, L. Montandon, D. Roldán, F. Buendía:
Accessible Lifelong Learning at Higher Education: Outcomes and Lessons Learned at two Different Pilot Sites in the EU4ALL Project
page 62 - 85
Vol.18 / Issue 1
R.F. Bulcão-Neto, J.A. Camacho-Guerrero, M. Dutra, Á. Barreiro, J. Parapar, A.A. Macedo:
The Use of Latent Semantic Indexing to Mitigate OCR Effects of Related Document Images
page 64 - 80
Vol.17 / Issue 1
C. Carpineto, G. Romano:
Exploiting the Potential of Concept Lattices for Information Retrieval with CREDO
page 985 - 1013
Vol.10 / Issue 8
C.-M. Chen, T.-Y. Wu, R. Tso, M. Mambo, M.-E. Wu:
On the Security of a User Equipment Registration Procedure in Femtocell-Enabled Networks
page 406 - 418
Vol.21 / Issue 3
B. Chidlovskii, L. Lecerf:
Stacked Dependency Networks for Layout Document Structuring
page 2998 - 3010
Vol.14 / Issue 18
G. Dittrich:
Mental Models to Represent Dynamics - Using the Example "factorial"
page 957 - 964
Vol.8 / Issue 10
F. Einsele, R. Ingold, J. Hennebert:
A Language-Independent, Open-Vocabulary System Based on HMMs for Recognition of Ultra Low Resolution Words
page 2982 - 2997
Vol.14 / Issue 18
J. Pascual Espada, O. Sanjuán Martínez, B.C. Pelayo G-Bustelo, J.M. Cueva Lovelle, P. Ordóñez de Pablos:
A Simple Model Based on Web Services to Exchange Context Information between Web Browsers and Web Applications
page 1410 - 1431
Vol.18 / Issue 11
D. Ewald, H. Zarzycki, Ł. Apiecionek, a.M. Czerniak:
Ordered Fuzzy Numbers Applied in Bee Swarm Optimization Systems
page 1475 - 1494
Vol.26 / Issue 11
J. Fan, Y. Zheng, X. Tang:
Key-Insulated Signcryption
page 1351 - 1374
Vol.19 / Issue 10
E. Gams, S. Reich:
The TrailTRECer Framework: Applying Open Hypermedia Concepts to Trails
page 913 - 923
Vol.8 / Issue 10
P. Gocek, M. Hartmann, H. Schleusener:
Modern Technologies in Client-Server Architecture for Geo-based Interactive Web Portals
page 1208 - 1214
Vol.12 / Issue 9
D.G. Gregg:
Exploring Information Extraction Resilience
page 1911 - 1920
Vol.14 / Issue 11
D. Griol, J.M. Molina, A.S. de Miguel, Z. Callejas:
A Proposal to Create Learning Environments in Virtual Worlds Integrating Advanced Educative Resources
page 2516 - 2541
Vol.18 / Issue 18
P. Han, G. Kortemeyer, B.J. Krämer, C. von Prümmer:
Exposure and Support of Latent Social Networks among Learning Object Repository Users
page 1717 - 1738
Vol.14 / Issue 10
D. L. Hicks, U. K. Wiil, P. J. Nürnberg:
Research in Structural Computing
page 871 - 880
Vol.8 / Issue 10
C. Hockemeyer, O. Conlan, V. Wade, D. Albert:
Applying Competence Prerequisite Structures for eLearning and Skill Management
page 1428 - 1436
Vol.9 / Issue 12
M. Holub, M. Bieliková:
An Inquiry into the Utilization of Behavior of Users in Personalized Web
page 1830 - 1853
Vol.17 / Issue 13
K. Hori, K. Nakakoji, Y. Yamamoto, J. Ostwald:
Organic Perspectives of Knowledge Management: Knowledge Evolution through a Cycle of Knowledge Liquidization and Crystallization
page 252 - 261
Vol.10 / Issue 3
F. Jaddi, B. Paillassa:
An Adaptive Hierarchical Extension of DSR: The Cluster Source Routing
page 32 - 55
Vol.13 / Issue 1
J. J. Jung:
Collaborative Web Browsing Based on Semantic Extraction of User Interests with Bookmarks
page 213 - 228
Vol.11 / Issue 2
E. Kamentz, C. Womser-Hacker:
Defining Culture-Bound User Characteristics as a Starting-Point for the Design of Adaptive Learning Systems
page 596 - 607
Vol.9 / Issue 7
J. Kang, J. Choi:
Recognising Informative Web Page Blocks Using Visual Segmentation for Efficient Information Extraction
page 1893 - 1910
Vol.14 / Issue 11
A. Köhler, F. Fuchs-Kittowski:
Integration of Communities into Process-Oriented Structures
page 410 - 425
Vol.11 / Issue 3
K. ur Rehman Laghari, T.H. Falk, M. Hyder, M. Haun, C. Hoene, N. Crespi:
An Investigation into the Relationship Between Perceived Quality-of-Experience and Virtual Acoustic Environments: the Case of 3D Audio Telephony
page 1718 - 1735
Vol.19 / Issue 12
G.C. Lapasini Leal, A.P. Chaves, E.H.M. Huzita, M.E. Delamaro:
An Integrated Approach of Software Development and Test Processes to Distributed Teams
page 2686 - 2705
Vol.18 / Issue 19
J.Y. Lee, Y. Duan, J.C. Oh, W. Du, H. Blair, L. Wang, X. Jin:
Social Network Based Reputation Computation and Document Classification
page 532 - 553
Vol.18 / Issue 4
M. Linaje, J.C. Preciado, F. Sánchez-Figueroa:
Multi-Device Context-Aware RIAs Using a Model-Driven Approach
page 2038 - 2059
Vol.16 / Issue 15
H. Liu, L. Chen, Z. Davar, M.R. Pour:
Insecurity of an Efficient Privacy-preserving Public Auditing Scheme for Cloud Data Storage
page 473 - 482
Vol.21 / Issue 3
Z. Liu, H. Yan, Z. Lin, L. Xu:
An Improved Cloud Data Sharing Scheme with Hierarchical Attribute Structure
page 454 - 472
Vol.21 / Issue 3
J. Maniamma, H. Wagatsuma:
A Semantic Web-based Representation of Human-logical Inference for Solving Bongard Problems
page 1343 - 1363
Vol.26 / Issue 10
V. Mattick:
Design for All as a Challenge for Hypermedia Engineering
page 881 - 891
Vol.8 / Issue 10
A. Mehler:
Components of a Model of Context-Sensitive Hypertexts
page 924 - 943
Vol.8 / Issue 10
S. Minder, M. Notari, F. Schmitz, R. Hofer, U. Woermann:
Computer Generated Voice-Over in a Medical E-Learning Application: The Impact on Factual Learning Outcome
page 314 - 326
Vol.18 / Issue 3
L.S. Oliveira, E. Justino, R. Sabourin, F. Bortolozzi:
Combining Classifiers in the ROC-space for Off-line Signature Verification
page 237 - 251
Vol.14 / Issue 2
D. Pavelec, L.S. Oliveira, E. Justino, L.V. Batista:
Using Conjunctions and Adverbs for Author Verification
page 2967 - 2981
Vol.14 / Issue 18
J.C. Preciado, M. Linaje, F. Sanchez-Figueroa:
Adapting Web 1.0 User Interfaces to Web 2.0 Multidevice User Interfaces using RUX-Method
page 2239 - 2254
Vol.14 / Issue 13
A.A. Qaffas, A.I. Cristea, M.A. Mead:
Lightweight Adaptive E-Advertising Model
page 935 - 974
Vol.24 / Issue 7
K. Rástočný, M. Tvarožek, M. Bielikova:
Web Search Results Exploration via Cluster-Based Viewes and Zoom-Based Navigation
page 2320 - 2346
Vol.19 / Issue 15
P. Schultes, F. Lehrer, H. Kosch:
Markup upon Video - towards Dynamic and Interactive Video Annotations
page 605 - 617
Vol.17 / Issue 4
D.-W. Seo, H.-U. Chae, B.-W. Kim, W.-H. Choi, K.-H. Jo:
Human Tracking based on Multiple View Homography
page 2463 - 2484
Vol.15 / Issue 13
M. Shahriari, S. Haefele, R. Klamma:
Using Content to Identify Overlapping Communities in Question Answer Forums
page 907 - 931
Vol.23 / Issue 9
E.M. Shakshuki, R. Halliday:
An Agent for Web-based Structured Hypermedia Algorithm Explanation System
page 2078 - 2108
Vol.15 / Issue 10
J. Sobecki:
Consensus-Based Hybrid Adaptation of Web Systems User Interfaces
page 250 - 270
Vol.11 / Issue 2
C. Solis, N. Ali:
A Semantic Wiki Based on Spatial Hypertext
page 1043 - 1059
Vol.17 / Issue 7
C. Stewart:
Authoring & Culture in Online Education
page 2877 - 2896
Vol.14 / Issue 17
J.L. González Sánchez, R. García, J.M. Brunetti, R. Gil, J.M. Gimeno:
Using SWET-QUM to Compare the Quality in Use of Semantic Web Exploration Tools
page 1025 - 1045
Vol.19 / Issue 8
M. Topolski:
The Modified Principal Component Analysis Feature Extraction Method for the Task of Diagnosing Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Type B-CLL
page 734 - 746
Vol.26 / Issue 6
M.A. Vega-Rodríguez, J.A. Gómez-Pulido, J.M. Sánchez-Pérez:
Case Studies in Tele-Education: Research and Projects
page 1555 - 1567
Vol.11 / Issue 9
R. Volz, R. Studer, A. Maedche, B. Lauser:
Pruning-based Identification of Domain Ontologies
page 520 - 529
Vol.9 / Issue 6
C. Wang, Y. Sun, Y. Liang:
An Improved SVM Based on Similarity Metric
page 1462 - 1470
Vol.13 / Issue 10
C. Wu, M. Marchese, J. Jiang, A. Ivanyukovich, Y. Liang:
Machine Learning-Based Keywords Extraction for Scientific Literature
page 1471 - 1483
Vol.13 / Issue 10
J. Yang, T. Li, S. Liu, T. Wang, D. Wang, G. Liang:
Computer Forensics System Based on Artificial Immune Systems
page 1354 - 1365
Vol.13 / Issue 9
E. Zenou, M. Samuelides:
Galois Lattice Theory for Probabilistic Visual Landmarks
page 1014 - 1033
Vol.10 / Issue 8
V. de Castro, J.M. Vara, E. Marcos:
Service-Oriented Development of Web Information Systems
page 2474 - 2492
Vol.18 / Issue 17