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Articles by Topics
Topic H. - Information Systems

R. Alm:
Contextualization and Recommendation of Annotations to Enhance Information Exchange in Assembly Assistance
page 932 - 951
Vol.23 / Issue 9
K. Andrews, F. Kappe, H. Maurer:
The Hyper-G Network Information System
page 206 - 220
Vol.1 / Issue 4
D. Arellano, C. Manresa-Yee, V. Helzle:
Let me Listen to Poetry, Let me See Emotions
page 1006 - 1025
Vol.20 / Issue 7
D. Biella, T. Pilz, D. Sacher, B. Weyers, W. Luther, N. Baloian, T. Schreck:
Crowdsourcing and Co-curation in Virtual Museums: A Practice-driven Approach
page 1277 - 1297
Vol.22 / Issue 10
J. Bravo, R. Hervás, I. Sánchez, G. Chavira, S. Nava:
Visualization Services in a Conference Context: An Approach by RFID Technology
page 270 - 283
Vol.12 / Issue 3
B. Burkard, G. Vogeler, S. Gruner:
Informatics for Historians: Tools for Medieval Document XML Markup, and their Impact on the History-Sciences
page 193 - 210
Vol.14 / Issue 2
G. Chavira, J. Bravo, S.W. Nava-Díaz, J.C. Rolón:
PICTAC: A Model for Perceiving Touch Interaction through Tagging Context
page 1577 - 1591
Vol.16 / Issue 12
F. Colace, M. De Santo, L. Greco:
A "Mobile Virtual Lab" for Supporting Engineering Curricula
page 2054 - 2067
Vol.20 / Issue 15
A. Dhir, K. Buragga, A.A. Boreqqah:
Tweeters on Campus: Twitter a Learning Tool in Classroom?
page 672 - 691
Vol.19 / Issue 5
S. Dietze, E. Kaldoudi, N. Dovrolis, D. Giordano, C. Spampinato, M. Hendrix, A. Protopsaltis, D. Taibi, H.Q. Yu:
Socio-semantic Integration of Educational Resources - the Case of the mEducator Project
page 1543 - 1569
Vol.19 / Issue 11
H. Dreher, H. Krottmaier, H. Maurer:
What we Expect from Digital Libraries
page 1110 - 1122
Vol.10 / Issue 9
G. Droschl:
Communities of Practice: An Integrated Technology Perspective
page 284 - 293
Vol.10 / Issue 3
J.P. García-Vázquez, M.D. Rodríguez, M.E. Tentori, D. Saldaña, Á.G. Andrade, A.N. Espinoza:
An Agent-based Architecture for Developing Activity-Aware Systems for Assisting Elderly
page 1500 - 1520
Vol.16 / Issue 12
P. Castro Garrido, I. Luque Ruiz, M.Á. Gómez-Nieto:
An Alert System for People Monitoring Based on Multi-Agents using Maps
page 1257 - 124
Vol.19 / Issue 9
M. González-García, L. Moreno, P. Martínez, R. Miñon, J. Abascal:
A Model-Based Graphical Editor to Design Accessible Media Players
page 2656 - 2676
Vol.19 / Issue 18
S. Hadjiefthymiades, L. Merakos:
A Survey of Web Architectures for Wireless Communication Environments
page 390 - 417
Vol.5 / Issue 7
W. A. Halang, B. J. Krämer, J. Schormann:
Integrated Multimedia-Based Distance Teaching of Information Technology
page 443 - 455
Vol.2 / Issue 6
E. Heinrich, H. Maurer:
Active Documents: Concept, Implementation and Applications
page 1197 - 1202
Vol.6 / Issue 12
A. Hester, R. Borges, R. Ierusalimschy:
Building Flexible and Extensible Web Applications with Lua
page 748 - 762
Vol.4 / Issue 9
B. Holmberg:
On the Potential of Distance Education in the Age of Information Technology
page 484 - 491
Vol.2 / Issue 6
L. Iribarne, N. Padilla, J. Criado, C. Vicente-Chicote:
Metamodeling the Structure and Interaction Behavior of Cooperative Component-based User Interfaces
page 2669 - 2685
Vol.18 / Issue 19
G. Jakus, J. Sodnik, S. Tomažič:
The Architectural Design of a System for Interpreting Multilingual Web Documents in E-speranto
page 377 - 398
Vol.17 / Issue 3
J.J. Jung:
Visualizing Recommendation Flow on Social Network
page 1780 - 1791
Vol.11 / Issue 11
D.W. Kim, J. Yao:
A Treasure Hunt Model for Inquiry-Based Learning in the Development of a Web-based Learning Support System
page 1853 - 1881
Vol.16 / Issue 14
Y.B. Kim:
Utilization-level and Serviceability of a Social Name-card Portal for QoS in a Cloud Social Networking Service
page 1523 - 1543
Vol.18 / Issue 11
K. ur Rehman Laghari, T.H. Falk, M. Hyder, M. Haun, C. Hoene, N. Crespi:
An Investigation into the Relationship Between Perceived Quality-of-Experience and Virtual Acoustic Environments: the Case of 3D Audio Telephony
page 1718 - 1735
Vol.19 / Issue 12
K.-M. Lugger, H. Kraus:
Mastering the Human Barriers in Knowledge Management
page 488 - 497
Vol.7 / Issue 6
T. Magal-Royo, J. García Laborda, S. Price:
A New m-Learning Scenario for a Listening Comprehension Assessment Test in Second Language Acquisition [SLA]
page 1200 - 1214
Vol.23 / Issue 12
L. Maicher, B. Bock:
ActiveTM - The Factory for Domain-customised Portal Engines
page 1711 - 1721
Vol.15 / Issue 8
D. Marshall, S. Hurley:
Delivering Hypertext Based Courseware on the WWW
page 805 - 828
Vol.2 / Issue 12
H. Maurer, J. Lennon:
Digital Libraries as Learning and Teaching Support
page 719 - 727
Vol.1 / Issue 11
K. Mertins, P. Heisig, K. Alwert:
Process-oriented Knowledge Structuring
page 542 - 550
Vol.9 / Issue 6
G.J. Nalepa:
Collective Knowledge Engineering with Semantic Wikis
page 1006 - 1023
Vol.16 / Issue 7
J. Preece:
Etiquette, Empathy and Trust in Communities of Practice: Stepping-Stones to Social Capital
page 294 - 302
Vol.10 / Issue 3
D. Rösner, B. Grote, K. Hartmann, B. Höfling:
From Natural Language Documents to Sharable Product Knowledge: A Knowledge Engineering Approach
page 955 - 987
Vol.3 / Issue 8
D. B. Skillicorn:
Treeworld: A Conceptual Model for Large-Scale Hypermedia
page 503 - 516
Vol.6 / Issue 5
J. Thomas, P. Cowley, O. Kuchar, L. Nowell, J. Thomson, P. Chung Wong:
Discovering Knowledge Through Visual Analysis
page 517 - 529
Vol.7 / Issue 6
I. Tomek:
Knowledge Management and Collaborative Virtual Environments
page 458 - 471
Vol.7 / Issue 6
Y. Tzitzikas, D. Kotzinos, Y. Theoharis:
On Ranking RDF Schema Elements (and its Application in Visualization)
page 1854 - 1880
Vol.13 / Issue 12
M. Veit, A. Capobianco, D. Bechmann:
Consequence of Two-handed Manipulation on Speed, Precision and Perception on Spatial Input Task in 3D Modelling Applications
page 3174 - 3187
Vol.14 / Issue 19
A. Villegas, A. Olivé:
Extending the Methods for Computing the Importance of Entity Types in Large Conceptual Schemas
page 3138 - 3162
Vol.16 / Issue 20
X. Wang, P.E. Love, M.J. Kim, L. Wang:
Studying the Effects of Information Exchange Channels in Different Communication Modes on Trust Building in Computer-mediated Remote Collaborative Design
page 1971 - 1990
Vol.17 / Issue 14
K. Zabaleta, U. Lopez-Novoa, I. Pretel, D. López-de-Ipiña, V. Cartelli, G. Di Modica, O. Tomarchio:
Designing a Human Computation Framework to Enhance Citizen-Government Interaction
page 122 - 153
Vol.25 / Issue 2