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Articles by Topics
Topic H. - Information Systems
Topic H.5.m - Miscellaneous

B. Berman, J.P. Hourcade:
Keyboard-Card Menus: A New Presentation of Non-Standard Shortcuts
page 986 - 1005
Vol.20 / Issue 7
B. Burkard, G. Vogeler, S. Gruner:
Informatics for Historians: Tools for Medieval Document XML Markup, and their Impact on the History-Sciences
page 193 - 210
Vol.14 / Issue 2
S.W. Greenwald, W. Corning, M. Funk, P. Maes:
Comparing Learning in Virtual Reality with Learning on a 2D Screen Using Electrostatics Activities
page 220 - 245
Vol.24 / Issue 2
N. Padilla-Zea, J.R. López-Arcos, J.L. González Sánchez, F.L. Gutiérrez Vela, A. Abad-Arranz:
A Method to Evaluate Emotions in Educational Video Games for Children
page 1066 - 1085
Vol.19 / Issue 8
S. Zulkernain, P. Madiraju, S.I. Ahamed, K. Stamm:
A Mobile Intelligent Interruption Management System
page 2060 - 2080
Vol.16 / Issue 15
C. Vaz de Carvalho, P. Cano, J.M. Roa, A. Wanka, F. Kolland:
Overcoming the Silver Generation Digital Gap
page 1625 - 1543
Vol.25 / Issue 12