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Volume 7

Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-007-06
J.UCS Special Issue: I-Know 01 - International Conference on Knowledge Management, Part 1 K. Tochtermann, H. Maurer 456
Knowledge Management and Collaborative Virtual Environments I. Tomek 458
Learning in the Learning Organization J. P. Hasebrook 472
Mastering the Human Barriers in Knowledge Management K.-M. Lugger, H. Kraus 488
Sustainability and Jobs in the Knowledge Economy P. Johnston 498
Knowledge Management in Superorganisms F.J. Radermacher 507
Discovering Knowledge Through Visual Analysis J. Thomas, P. Cowley, O. Kuchar, L. Nowell, J. Thomson, P. Chung Wong 517
MPEG and its Relevance for Content-based Multimedia Retrieval W. Haas, H. Mayer 530