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Volume 16

Content of Issue 20
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-016-20
Evolving Theories of Conceptual Modelling M. Kirchberg, K.-D. Schewe 2902
Validating Modal Aspects of OntoUML Conceptual Models Using Automatically Generated Visual World Structures A. Botti Benevides, G. Guizzardi, B.F. Bastos Braga, J.P. Andrade Almeida 2904
Redundant Relations in Relational Databases: A Model Theoretic Perspective F.A. Ferrarotti, A.L. Paoletti, J.M. Turull Torres 2934
Internal Representation of Database Views S.J. Hegner 2956
A Geometrically Enhanced Conceptual Model and Query Language H. Ma 2986
Providing a Proof-Theoretical Basis for Explanation: A Case Study on UML and ALCQI Reasoning A. Rademaker, E.H. Haeusler 3016
XML Database Transformations K.-D. Schewe, Q. Wang 3043
Support for Schema Evolution in Data Stream Management Systems J.F. Terwilliger, R.J. Fernández-Moctezuma, L.M.L. Delcambre, D. Maier 3073
Towards a Theory of Conceptual Modelling B. Thalheim 3102
Extending the Methods for Computing the Importance of Entity Types in Large Conceptual Schemas A. Villegas, A. Olivé 3138