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Volume 16

Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-016-11
Advances in Spatial and Temporal Reasoning H.W. Guesgen, M. Bhatt 1388
Spatial Reasoning with Integrated Qualitative-Metric Fuzzy Constraint Networks M. Falda 1390
A Pragmatic Qualitative Approach for Juxtaposing Shapes L. Museros, L. González-Abril, F. Velasco, Z. Falomir 1410
Finding a Consistent Scenario to an Interval Algebra Network Containing Possibly Infinite Intervals A. Trudel 1425
An Axiomatization of a First-order Branching Time Temporal Logic D. Doder, Z. Ognjanović, Z. Marković 1439
A Graph Model for Spatio-temporal Evolution G. Del Mondo, J.G. Stell, C. Claramunt, R. Thibaud 1452