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Volume 3

Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-003-08
Information Technology for Knowledge Management U. M. Borghoff, R. Pareschi 835
Two Complementary Tools for the Cooperation in a Ministerial Environment W. Prinz, A. Syri 843
Ariadne: Supporting Coordination through a Flexible Use of the Knowledge on Work Processes C. Simone, M. Divitini 865
Negotiating the Construction and Reconstruction of Organisational Memories S. Buckingham Shum 899
Corporate Memories for Knowledge Management in Industrial Practice: Prospects and Challenges O. Kühn, A. Abecker 929
From Natural Language Documents to Sharable Product Knowledge: A Knowledge Engineering Approach D. Rösner, B. Grote, K. Hartmann, B. Höfling 955
Profiling with the INFOrmer Text Filtering Agent H. Sorensen, A. O'Riordan, C. O'Riordan 988
A Framework for Filtering News and Managing Distributed Data G. Amati, D. D'Aloisi, V. Giannini, F. Ubaldini 1007