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Volume 3

Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-003-11
Logic in Computer Science D. S. Bridges, C.S. Calude, M. J. Dinneen, B. Khoussainov 1133
Persistency of Confluence T. Aoto, Y. Toyama 1134
Constructive Aspects of the Dirichlet Problem D. S. Bridges, W. Yuchuan 1148
Chaitin Ω Numbers and Strong Reducibilities C.S. Calude, A. Nies 1162
Optimum Extendible Prefix Codes C.S. Calude, I. Tomescu 1167
Minimal Deterministic Incomplete Automata E. Calude, M. Lipponen 1180
A Note on the Computability of Graph Minor Obstruction Sets for Monadic Second Order Ideals B. Courcelle, R. G. Downey, M. R. Fellows 1194
Too Many Minor Order Obstructions (For Parameterized Lower Ideals) M. J. Dinneen 1199
Representing Variable-Length Codes in Fixed-Length T-Depletion Format in Encoders and Decoders U. G√ľnther, P. Hertling, R. Nicolescu, M. Titchener 1207
Surjective Functions on Computably Growing Cantor Sets P. Hertling 1226
Invariance Properties of Random Sequences P. Hertling, Y. Wang 1241
Sequential Continuity of Linear Mappings in Constructive Mathematics H. Ishihara 1250
Effectiveness of the Completeness Theorem for an Intermediate Logic H. Ishihara, B. Khoussainov 1255
Imperfect Information Flow of Agents Communication in Arrow Logic Y. Murakawa, S. Tojo 1266