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Volume 3

Content of Issue 4
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-003-04
Ten Years of Gurevich's Abstract State Machines E. Börger 230
Recursive Abstract State Machines Y. Gurevich, M. Spielmann 233
The Linear Time Hierarchy Theorems for Abstract State Machines and RAMs A. Blass, Y. Gurevich 247
Gurevich Abstract State Machines and Schoenhage Storage Modification Machines S. Dexter, P. Doyle, Y. Gurevich 279
The Constrained Shortest Path Problem: A Case Study in Using ASMs K. Strötmann 304
Formalizing Database Recovery Y. Gurevich, N. Soparkar, C. Wallace 320
A Structured Presentation of a Closure-Based Compilation Method for a Scoping Notion in Logic Programming K. Kwon 341
Reasoning about Abstract State Machines: The WAM Case Study G. Schellhorn, W. Ahrendt 377