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Volume 3

Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-003-05
J.UCS Special ASM Issue. Part II. E. Börger 414
Montages Specifications of Realistic Programming Languages P. W. Kutter, A. Pierantonio 416
The Formal Specification of Oberon P. W. Kutter, A. Pierantonio 443
On the Construction of Correct Compiler Back-Ends: An ASM-Approach W. Zimmermann, T. Gaul 504
Correctness Proof of a Distributed Implementation of Prolog by Means of Abstract State Machines L. Araujo 568
Integrating ASMs into the Software Development Life Cycle E. Börger, L. Mearelli 603
Refining an ASM Specification of the Production Cell to C++ Code L. Mearelli 666
Model Checking for Abstract State Machines K. Winter 689