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Volume 14

Content of Issue 19
New Trends in Human Computer Interaction M.D. Lozano, J.A. Gallud 3051
Extending and Supporting Featured User Interface Models for the Development of Groupware Applications V.M. Penichet, M.D. Lozano, J.A. Gallud, R. Tesoriero, M.L. Rodríguez, J.L. Garrido, M. Noguera, M.V. Hurtado 3053
A Model of Interaction for CVEs Based on the Model of Human Communication D. Martínez, A.S. García, J. Martínez, J.P. Molina, P. Gonzalez 3071
Gaze-based Interaction for Virtual Environments J. Jimenez, D. Gutierrez, P. Latorre 3085
SHARP Online: An Adaptive Hypermedia System Applied to Mathematical Problem Solving A.-B. Gil, R. Rodríguez, F.J. García-Peñalvo, R. López 3099
Displaying Pictures according to the Songs Being Played J. Ibáñez, D. García, O. Serrano 3114
Using the Optical Flow to Implement a Relative Virtual Mouse Controlled by Head Movements T. Pallejà, E. Rubión, M. Teixido, M. Tresanchez, A. Fernández del Viso, C. Rebate, J. Palacin 3127
Taxonomy for Integrating Models in the Development of Interactive Groupware Systems W.J. Giraldo, A.I. Molina, C.A. Collazos, M. Ortega, M.A. Redondo 3142
Model-Driven Approach to Design User Interfaces for Workflow Information Systems J. Guerrero García, C. Lemaigre, J.M. González Calleros, J. Vanderdonckt 3160
Consequence of Two-handed Manipulation on Speed, Precision and Perception on Spatial Input Task in 3D Modelling Applications M. Veit, A. Capobianco, D. Bechmann 3174
CTML: Domain and Task Modeling for Collaborative Environments M. Wurdel, D. Sinnig, P. Forbrig 3188
Evaluation of Agent-based Interactive Systems: Proposal of an Electronic Informer Using Petri Nets C.D. Tran, H. Ezzedine, C. Kolski 3202
Model-Based and Prototyping-Driven User Interface Specification to Support Collaboration and Creativity T. Memmel, H. Reiterer 3217
A Model-Driven Approach to Align Business Processes with User Interfaces K. Sousa, H. Mendonça, J. Vanderdonckt 3236
"Fine Tuning" Image Accessibility for Museum Web Sites B. Leporini, I. Norscia 3250
Integrating Dialog Modeling and Domain Modeling - the Case of Diamodl and the Eclipse Modeling Framework H. Trætteberg 3265