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Volume 14

Content of Issue 15
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-014-15
Evolutionary Optimization for Intelligent Systems Design N. Nedjah, L. de Macedo Mourelle 2453
Automatic Construction of Fuzzy Rule Bases: a further Investigation into two Alternative Inductive Approaches M.E. Cintra, H.A. Camargo, E.R. Hruschka, M. do Carmo Nicoletti 2456
Parallel Strategies for Stochastic Evolution S.M. Sait, K.S. Khan, M.I. Ali 2471
A Hybrid Transgenetic Algorithm for the Prize Collecting Steiner Tree Problem E.F.G. Goldbarg, M.C. Goldbarg, C.C. Schmidt 2491
Bus Network Optimization with a Time-Dependent Hybrid Algorithm A.C. Olivera, M. Frutos, J.A. Carballido, N.B. Brignole 2512
Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary State Assignment for Synchronous Finite State Machines M.P.M. Araujo, N. Nedjah, L. de Macedo Mourelle 2532
Optimal Sensor Network Layout Using Multi-Objective Metaheuristics G. Molina, E. Alba, E.-G. Talbi 2549
GADYM - A Novel Genetic Algorithm in Mechanical Design Problems K. Tahera, R.N. Ibrahim, P.B. Lochert 2566
Two Step Swarm Intelligence to Solve the Feature Selection Problem Y. Gómez, R. Bello, A. Puris, M.M. García, A. Nowe 2582