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Volume 14

Content of Issue 11
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-014-11
Wrapping Web Data Islands R. Corchuelo, J.L. Arjona, D. Ruiz 1808
Information Integration for the Masses J. Blythe, D. Kapoor, C.A. Knoblock, K. Lerman, S. Minton 1811
A Workflow Language for Web Automation P. Montoto, A. Pan, J. Raposo, J. Losada, F. Bellas, V. Carneiro 1838
Structure-Based Crawling in the Hidden Web M. Vidal, A.S. da Silva, E.S. de Moura, J.M. Cavalcanti 1857
Structure and Semantics of Data-IntensiveWeb Pages: An Experimental Study on their Relationships L. Blanco, V. Crescenzi, P. Merialdo 1877
Recognising Informative Web Page Blocks Using Visual Segmentation for Efficient Information Extraction J. Kang, J. Choi 1893
Exploring Information Extraction Resilience D.G. Gregg 1911