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Volume 14

Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-014-08
Software Components, Architectures and Reuse C.M.F. Rubira, R. de Lemos 1179
Model Interpreter Frameworks:A Foundation for the Analysis of Domain-Specific Software Architectures G. Edwards, C. Seo, N. Medvidovic 1182
Embedded Software Revitalization through Component Mining and Software Product Line Techniques M.A. Ramos, R.A.D. Penteado 1211
Experimenting the Automated Selection of COTS Components Based on Cost and System Requirements V. Cortellessa, I. Crnkovic, F. Marinelli, P. Potena 1228
LIFT - A Legacy InFormation Retrieval Tool K. dos Santos Brito, V.C. Garcia, E. Santana de Almeida, S.R. de Lemos Meira 1256
Mismatch Avoidance in Web Services Software Architectures C. Gacek, C. Gamble 1285
CrossMDA: a Model-driven Approach for Aspect Management M. Pitanga Alves, P.F. Pires, F.C. Delicato, M.L.M. Campos 1314
A Product Derivation Tool Based on Model-Driven Techniques and Annotations E. Cirilo, U. Kulesza, C.J. Pereira de Lucena 1344
A Service-oriented Process to Develop Web Applications F. Zaupa, I.M.S. Gimenes, D. Cowan, P. Alencar, C.J.P. Lucena 1368