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Volume 14

Content of Issue 18
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-014-18
Further Advances in Document Engineering R. Dueire Lins 2909
A Generic Architecture for the Conversion of Document Collections into Semantically Annotated Digital Archives J. Lladós, D. Karatzas, J. Mas, G. Sánchez 2912
Systematic Characterisation of Objects in Digital Preservation: The eXtensible Characterisation Languages C. Becker, A. Rauber, V. Heydegger, J. Schnasse, M. Thaller 2936
Crime Scene Representation (2D, 3D, Stereoscopic Projection) and Classification R.O. Abu Hana, C.O. Freitas, L.S. Oliveira, F. Bortolozzi 2953
Using Conjunctions and Adverbs for Author Verification D. Pavelec, L.S. Oliveira, E. Justino, L.V. Batista 2967
A Language-Independent, Open-Vocabulary System Based on HMMs for Recognition of Ultra Low Resolution Words F. Einsele, R. Ingold, J. Hennebert 2982
Stacked Dependency Networks for Layout Document Structuring B. Chidlovskii, L. Lecerf 2998
An Evaluation Technique for Binarization Algorithms P. Stathis, E. Kavallieratou, N. Papamarkos 3011
Comparative Aspects between the Cluster and Grid Implementations of BigBatch G. de Oliveira Mattos, A. de Araújo, R. Dueire Lins, F.H. de Carvalho Júnior, F.M. Junqueira Martins 3031