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Submission Procedure
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Volume 14

Content of Issue 4
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 505
Optimizing Assignment of Knowledge Workers to Office Space Using Knowledge Management Criteria
The Flexible Office Case
R. Maier, S. Thalmann, F. Bayer, M. Krüger, H. Nitz, A. Sandow 508
Analyzing Wiki-based Networks to Improve Knowledge Processes in Organizations C. Müller, B. Meuthrath, A. Baumgraß 526
Success Factors in a Weblog Community C. Safran, F. Kappe 546
Compensation Models for Interactive Advertising A. Dickinger, S. Zorn 557
A Linear Time Approximation Algorithm for Ruler Folding Problem A. Nourollah, M. Razzazi 566
Publication Bias in the Computer Science Education Research Literature J.J. Randolph, R. Bednarik 575
Spatial Queries in Road Networks Based on PINE M. Safar 590