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Volume 14

Content of Issue 14
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-014-14
Knowledge Processing in Intelligent Systems L. Cao, N.T. Nguyen 2255
Intelligence Metasynthesis and Knowledge Processing in Intelligent Systems L. Cao, N.T. Nguyen 2256
The APS Framework For Incremental Learning of Software Agents D. Dudek 2263
Market Microstructure Patterns Powering Trading and Surveillance Agents L. Cao, Y. Ou 2288
Non-repudiation Mechanism of Agent-based Mobile Payment Systems: Perspectives on Wireless PKI C.-M. Ou, C.-R. Ou 2309
An Optimization of CDN Using Efficient Load Distribution and RADS Caching Algorithm Y.J. Na, S. Abdullaev, F.I.S. Ko 2329
Intelligent Resource Exchanges: Solutions and Pathways in a Workforce Allocation Problem B. Virginas, M. Ursu, E. Tsang, G. Owusu, C. Voudouris 2343
Anti-Crisis Management of City Traffic Using Agent-Based Approach J. Koźlak, G. Dobrowolski, M. Kisiel-Dorohinicki, E. Nawarecki 2359
Implementation of a Prototype Positioning System for LBS on U-campus J. Yim, I. Ko, J. Do, J. Joo, S. Jeong 2381
An Application of Meta Search Agent System Based on Semantized Tags for Enhanced Web Searching C. Kim, J.-Y. Jung, H.-C. Zin, J.J. Jung 2400
Tabu Search on GPU A. Janiak, W. Janiak, M. Lichtenstein 2416
A Novel Multi-Layer Level Set Method for Image Segmentation X.-F. Wang, D.-S. Huang 2427