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Volume 14 / Issue 14

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DOI:   10.3217/jucs-014-14-2309


Non-repudiation Mechanism of Agent-based Mobile Payment Systems: Perspectives on Wireless PKI

Chung-Ming Ou (Kainan University, Taiwan)

Chung-Ren Ou (Hsiuping Institute of Technology, Taiwan)

Abstract: Non-repudiation of a mobile payment transaction ensures that when a buyer (B) sends some messages to a seller (S), neither B nor S can deny having participated in this transaction. An evidence of a transaction is generated by wireless PKI (WPKI) mechanism such that B and S cannot repudiate sending and receiving the purchase order respectively. Broker generates a mobile agent for B which carries encrypted purchase order to S. A trusted third party (TTP) acts as a lightweight notary for evidence generations. One advantage of this agent-based non-repudiation protocol is to reduce inconvenience for mobile clients such as connection time and search for suitable merchant servers, etc.; it provides necessary security mechanisms for fair mobile payment transactions.

Keywords: WPKI, mobile agent, non-repudiation, security, trusted third party

Categories: D.4.6, E.3, K.6.5