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Articles by Topics
Topic K. - Computing Milieux
Topic K.6.5 - Security and Protection

I. Abunadi, M. Alenezi:
An Empirical Investigation of Security Vulnerabilities within Web Applications
page 537 - 551
Vol.22 / Issue 4
T. Andrysiak, Ł. Saganowski:
Anomaly Detection for Smart Lighting Infrastructure with the Use of Time Series Analysis
page 508 - 527
Vol.26 / Issue 4
Ł. Apiecionek, M. Großmann, U.R. Krieger:
Harmonizing IoT-Architectures with Advanced Security Features - A Survey and Case Study
page 571 - 590
Vol.25 / Issue 6
Ł. Apiecionek, M. Biedziak:
Fuzzy Adaptive Data Packets Control Algorithm for IoT System Protection
page 1435 - 20
Vol.26 / Issue 11
H.B. Attia, L. Kahloul, S. Benharzallah:
A New Hybrid Access Control Model for Security Policies in Multimodal Applications Environments
page 392 - 416
Vol.24 / Issue 4
S. Alcalde Bagüés, A. Zeidler, I. R. Matias, C. Klein, C. Fernandez Valdivielso:
Enabling Personal Privacy for Pervasive Computing Environments
page 341 - 371
Vol.16 / Issue 3
T. Bajtoš, P. Sokol, A. Gajdoš, K. Lučivjanská, T. Mézešová:
Analysis of the Infection and the Injection Phases of the Telnet Botnets
page 1417 - 1436
Vol.25 / Issue 11
A. Baraani-Dastjerdi, J. Pieprzyk, R. Safavi-Naini, J.R. Getta:
Using Cryptographic Hash Functions for Discretionary Access Control in Object-Oriented Databases
page 730 - 753
Vol.3 / Issue 6
J. Bieniasz, K. Szczypiorski:
Methods for Information Hiding in Open Social Networks
page 74 - 97
Vol.25 / Issue 2
J. Bieniasz, M. Stępkowska, A. Janicki, K. Szczypiorski:
Mobile Agents for Detecting Network Attacks Using Timing Covert Channels
page 1109 - 1130
Vol.25 / Issue 9
C. Blanco, I. García-Rodríguez de Guzmán, E. Fernández-Medina, J. Trujillo:
Showing the Benefits of Applying a Model Driven Architecture for Developing Secure OLAP Applications
page 79 - 106
Vol.20 / Issue 2
C.-L. Botha, E. Kritzinger, M. Loock:
A Framework for the Comparison of Best Practice Recommendations and Legal Requirements for South African Banks
page 845 - 856
Vol.18 / Issue 6
I. Caballero, L.E. Sánchez, A. Freitas, E. Fernández-Medina:
HC+: Towards a Framework for Improving Processes in Health Organizations by Means of Security and Data Quality Management
page 1703 - 720
Vol.18 / Issue 12
P. Caballero-Gil, A. Fúster-Sabater, C. Hernández-Goya:
Graph-Based Approach to the Edit Distance Cryptanalysis of Irregularly Clocked Linear Feedback Shift Registers
page 2981 - 2998
Vol.15 / Issue 15
V. Casola, R. Preziosi, M. Rak, L. Troiano:
A Reference Model for Security Level Evaluation: Policy and Fuzzy Techniques
page 150 - 174
Vol.11 / Issue 1
Y. Chen, Q. Dong, Y. Li, Q. Lai, Z. Wang:
Natural sd-RCCA Secure Public-key Encryptions from Hybrid Paradigms
page 158 - 181
Vol.25 / Issue 3
J. Choi, C. Choi, I. You, P. Kim:
Polymorphic Malicious JavaScript Code Detection for APT Attack Defence
page 369 - 383
Vol.21 / Issue 3
C.-K. Chu, W.-G. Tzeng:
Efficient k-out-of-n Oblivious Transfer Schemes
page 397 - 415
Vol.14 / Issue 3
W. Claycomb, D. Shin:
A User Controlled Approach for Securing Sensitive Information in Directory Services
page 2999 - 3018
Vol.15 / Issue 15
K. Dietrich:
On Reliable Platform Configuration Change Reporting Mechanisms for Trusted Computing Enabled Platforms
page 507 - 518
Vol.16 / Issue 4
K. Dietrich, F. Röck:
Performance Optimizations for DAA Signatures on Java enabled Platforms
page 519 - 529
Vol.16 / Issue 4
L. Ding, J. Guan, W.-l. Sun:
New Results of Related-key Attacks on All Py-Family of Stream Ciphers
page 1741 - 756
Vol.18 / Issue 12
B. Flinn, H. Maurer:
Levels of Anonymity
page 35 - 47
Vol.1 / Issue 1
D. Fujs, S. Vrhovec, D. Vavpotič:
Bibliometric Mapping of Research on User Training for Secure Use of Information Systems
page 764 - 782
Vol.26 / Issue 7
W. Graniszewski, J. Krupski, K. Szczypiorski:
SOMSteg - Framework for Covert Channel, and its Detection, within HTTP
page 864 - 891
Vol.24 / Issue 7
L. Hanzlik, M. Kutyłowski:
Restricted Identification Secure in the Extended Canetti-Krawczyk Model
page 419 - 439
Vol.21 / Issue 3
H. Hlavacs, W. Gansterer, H. Schabauer, J. Zottl, M. Petraschek, T. Hoeher, O. Jung:
Enhancing ZRTP by using Computational Puzzles
page 693 - 716
Vol.14 / Issue 5
H. Holm, T. Sommestad, U. Franke, M. Ekstedt:
Success Rate of Remote Code Execution Attacks - Expert Assessments and Observations
page 732 - 749
Vol.18 / Issue 6
Y.-L. Huang, F.-Y. Leu, C.-H. Chiu, I.-L. Lin:
Improving Security Levels of IEEE802.16e Authentication by Involving Diffie-Hellman PKDS
page 891 - 911
Vol.17 / Issue 6
S. P. Joglekar, S. R. Tate:
ProtoMon: Embedded Monitors for Cryptographic Protocol Intrusion Detection and Prevention
page 83 - 103
Vol.11 / Issue 1
P. Juola:
Authorship Studies and the Dark Side of Social Media Analytics
page 156 - 170
Vol.26 / Issue 1
A. Karim, R. Salleh, M.K. Khan, A. Siddiqa, K.-K.R. Choo:
On the Analysis and Detection of Mobile Botnet Applications
page 567 - 588
Vol.22 / Issue 4
P. Kałużny, A. Filipowska:
Large Scale Mobility-based Behavioral Biometrics on the Example of the Trajectory-based Model for Anomaly Detection
page 417 - 443
Vol.24 / Issue 4
R. Keidel, S. Wendzel, S. Zillien, E.S. Conner, G. Haas:
WoDiCoF - A Testbed for the Evaluation of (Parallel) Covert Channel Detection Algorithms
page 556 - 576
Vol.24 / Issue 5
D. Koukopoulos:
Stability in Heterogeneous Multimedia Networks under Adversarial Attacks
page 444 - 464
Vol.15 / Issue 2
L. Krammer, W. Kastner, T. Sauter:
A Comprehensive Dependability Approach for Building Automation Networks
page 1225 - 1248
Vol.22 / Issue 9
G.R. Kumar, N. Mangathayaru, G. Narsimha:
An Approach for Intrusion Detection Using Novel Gaussian Based Kernel Function
page 589 - 604
Vol.22 / Issue 4
H.I. Kure, S. Islam:
Cyber Threat Intelligence for Improving Cybersecurity and Risk Management in Critical Infrastructure
page 1478 - 1502
Vol.25 / Issue 11
Y. Lakhdhar, S. Rekhis, N. Boudriga:
A Context-based Defense Model for Assessing Cyber Systems' Ability To Defend Against Known And Unknown Attack Scenarios
page 1066 - 1088
Vol.25 / Issue 9
S.M. Lee, D.S. Kim, J.S. Park:
Cost-Sensitive Spam Detection Using Parameters Optimization and Feature Selection
page 944 - 960
Vol.17 / Issue 6
K. Ma, R. Sun, A. Abraham:
Toward a Module-centralized and Aspect-oriented Monitoring Framework in Clouds
page 2241 - 2265
Vol.19 / Issue 15
P. Martinez-Julia, A.F. Gómez-Skarmeta:
A Novel Identity-based Network Architecture for Next Generation Internet
page 1643 - 1661
Vol.18 / Issue 12
A. Mihelič, S. Vrhovec:
Obligation to Defend the Critical Infrastructure?
Offensive Cybersecurity Measures
page 646 - 661
Vol.24 / Issue 5
A. Mihelič, M. Jevšček, S. Vrhovec, I. Bernik:
Testing the Human Backdoor: Organizational Response to a Phishing Campaign
page 1458 - 1477
Vol.25 / Issue 11
C. Moeckel:
(De-)Constructing Attacker Categorisations: A Typology Iteration for the Case of Digital Banking
page 783 - 804
Vol.26 / Issue 7
H. Mouratidis, C. Kalloniatis, S. Islam, M.-P. Huget, S. Gritzalis:
Aligning Security and Privacy to Support the Development of Secure Information Systems
page 1608 - 1627
Vol.18 / Issue 12
J.R. Mühlbacher, C. Praher:
DS RBAC - Dynamic Sessions in Role Based Access Control
page 538 - 554
Vol.15 / Issue 3
P. Najera, F. Moyano, J. Lopez:
Security Mechanisms and Access Control Infrastructure for e-Passports and General Purpose e-Documents
page 970 - 991
Vol.15 / Issue 5
A. Nenadic, N. Zhang, B. Cheetham, C. Goble:
RSA-based Certified Delivery of E-Goods Using Verifiable and Recoverable Signature Encryption
page 175 - 192
Vol.11 / Issue 1
H. Ning, H. Liu, Q. Liu, G. Ji:
Directed Path Based Authentication Scheme for the Internet of Things
page 1112 - 1131
Vol.18 / Issue 9
C.-M. Ou, C.-R. Ou:
Non-repudiation Mechanism of Agent-based Mobile Payment Systems: Perspectives on Wireless PKI
page 2309 - 2328
Vol.14 / Issue 14
M. Petraschek, T. Hoeher, O. Jung, H. Hlavacs, W. Gansterer:
Security and Usability Aspects of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on ZRTP
page 673 - 692
Vol.14 / Issue 5
F. Praus, W. Kastner, P. Palensky:
Secure Control Applications in Smart Homes and Buildings
page 1249 - 1273
Vol.22 / Issue 9
M. Rajaei, M.S. Haghjoo, E.K. Miyaneh:
An Anonymization Algorithm for (α, β, γ, δ)-Social Network Privacy Considering Data Utility
page 268 - 305
Vol.21 / Issue 2
O. Rebollo, D. Mellado, E. Fernández-Medina:
A Systematic Review of Information Security Governance Frameworks in the Cloud Computing Environment
page 798 - 815
Vol.18 / Issue 6
C. Rechberger, V. Rijmen:
New Results on NMAC/HMAC when Instantiated with Popular Hash Functions
page 347 - 376
Vol.14 / Issue 3
D.G. Rosado, E. Fernández-Medina, J. López, M. Piattini:
Developing a Secure Mobile Grid System through a UML Extension
page 2333 - 2352
Vol.16 / Issue 17
A. Ruiz-Martínez, C.I. Marín-López, L. Baño-López, A.F. Gómez-Skarmeta:
A New Fair Non-repudiation Protocol for Secure Negotiation and Contract Signing
page 555 - 584
Vol.15 / Issue 3
K. Simon, C. Moucha, J. Keller:
Contactless Vulnerability Analysis using Google and Shodan
page 404 - 430
Vol.23 / Issue 4
C.H. Suen:
VIMM: Runtime Integrity Measurement of a Virtualized Operating System
page 554 - 576
Vol.16 / Issue 4
L.E. Sánchez, A. Santos-Olmo Parra, D.G. Rosado, M. Piattini:
Managing Security and its Maturity in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
page 3038 - 3058
Vol.15 / Issue 15
A. Taweel, A. Rector, J. Rogers:
A Collaborative Biomedical Research System
page 80 - 98
Vol.12 / Issue 1
H. Tian, M. Huang, C.-C. Chang, Y. Huang, J. Lu, Y. Du:
Steganalysis of Adaptive Multi-Rate Speech Using Statistical Characteristics of Pitch Delay
page 1131 - 1150
Vol.25 / Issue 9
A.V. Uzunov, E.B. Fernandez, K. Falkner:
Engineering Security into Distributed Systems: A Survey of Methodologies
page 2920 - 3006
Vol.18 / Issue 20
M.B. Vleju:
Automatic Authentication to Cloud-Based Services
page 385 - 405
Vol.20 / Issue 3
S. Vrhovec, B. Markelj:
Relating Mobile Device Use and Adherence to Information Security Policy with Data Breach Consequences in Hospitals
page 634 - 645
Vol.24 / Issue 5
S. Wendzel, W. Mazurczyk, S. Zander:
Unified Description for Network Information Hiding Methods
page 1456 - 1486
Vol.22 / Issue 11
S. Wendzel, F. Link, D. Eller, W. Mazurczyk:
Detection of Size Modulation Covert Channels Using Countermeasure Variation
page 1396 - 1416
Vol.25 / Issue 11
S. Wendzel, C. Palmer:
Creativity in Mind: Evaluating and Maintaining Advances in Network Steganographic Research
page 1684 - 1705
Vol.21 / Issue 12
W. Wu, Y. Mu, W. Susilo, X. Huang:
Certificate-based Signatures Revisited
page 1659 - 1684
Vol.15 / Issue 8
L. YamunaDevi, K. Thilagavathy:
Efficient Privacy-Preserving Remote Data Possession Checking Protocol for Critical Information Infrastructure
page 603 - 621
Vol.24 / Issue 5
J. Yong:
Security and Privacy Preservation for Mobile E-Learning via Digital Identity Attributes
page 296 - 310
Vol.17 / Issue 2
A. Zambrano, C. Toro, M. Nieto, R. Sotaquira, C. Sanín, E. Szczerbicki:
Video Semantic Analysis Framework based on Run-time Production Rules - Towards Cognitive Vision
page 856 - 870
Vol.21 / Issue 6
F.L. de Mello, J.A.M. Xexéo:
Identifying Encryption Algorithms in ECB and CBC Modes Using Computational Intelligence
page 25 - 42
Vol.24 / Issue 1
Z. Đurić, O. Marić, D. Gašević:
Internet Payment System: A New Payment System for Internet Transactions
page 479 - 503
Vol.13 / Issue 4