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Volume 25

Content of Issue 3
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-025-03
Advances of Provable Security Techniques Y. Yu, Y. Mu 154
Natural sd-RCCA Secure Public-key Encryptions from Hybrid Paradigms Y. Chen, Q. Dong, Y. Li, Q. Lai, Z. Wang 158
Provably Secure Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption from Identity-Based Encryption Y.-F. Tseng, C.-I. Fan, C.-W. Lin 182
Ontology and Weighted D-S Evidence Theory-Based Vulnerability Data Fusion Method X. Tao, L. Liu, F. Zhao, Y. Huang, S. Zhu, Y. Liang 203
Towards Multi-user Searchable Encryption Supporting Boolean Query and Fast Decryption Y. Wang, J. Wang, S.-F. Sun, J.K. Liu, W. Susilo, J. Baek, I. You, X. Chen 222
CCA-Secure Deterministic Identity-Based Encryption Scheme M. Huang, B. Yang, Y. Zhao, K. Liang, L. Xue, X. Yang 245
Combination Model of Heterogeneous Data for Security Measurement X. Dong, Y. Guo, F. Li, L. Dong, A. Khan 270
An Identity-Based Signcryption on Lattice without Trapdoor X. Wang, Y. Zhang, B.B. Gupta, H. Zhu, D. Liu 282
A New Identification Scheme based on Syndrome Decoding Problem with Provable Security against Quantum Adversaries B. Santoso, C. Su 294