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Volume 25

Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-025-09
Recent Advances in Detection, Investigation and Mitigation of Cyber Crimes A. Janicki, W. Mazurczyk, X. Luo, D. Ye 1039
Determination of System Weaknesses Based on the Analysis of Vulnerability Indexes and the Source Code of Exploits A. Fedorchenko, E. Doynikova, I. Kotenko 1043
A Context-based Defense Model for Assessing Cyber Systems' Ability To Defend Against Known And Unknown Attack Scenarios Y. Lakhdhar, S. Rekhis, N. Boudriga 1066
Precise Performance Characterization of Antivirus on the File System Operations M.I. Al-Saleh, H.M. Hamdan 1089
Mobile Agents for Detecting Network Attacks Using Timing Covert Channels J. Bieniasz, M. Stępkowska, A. Janicki, K. Szczypiorski 1109
Steganalysis of Adaptive Multi-Rate Speech Using Statistical Characteristics of Pitch Delay H. Tian, M. Huang, C.-C. Chang, Y. Huang, J. Lu, Y. Du 1131
Designing Statistical Model-based Discriminator for Identifying Computer-generated Graphics from Natural Images M. Huang, M. Xu, T. Qiao, T. Wu, N. Zheng 1151
The Effects of Platforms and Languages on the Memory Footprint of the Executable Program: A Memory Forensic Approach Z.A. Al-Sharif, M.I. Al-Saleh, Y. Jararweh, L. Alawneh, A.S. Shatnawi 1174
Digital Investigation of IoT Devices in the Criminal Scene F. Bouchaud, G. Grimaud, T. Vantroys, P. Buret 1199