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Volume 24

Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-024-05
Technical and Social Aspects of Critical Infrastructure Security J. Keller, I. Bernik, W. Mazurczyk 554
WoDiCoF - A Testbed for the Evaluation of (Parallel) Covert Channel Detection Algorithms R. Keidel, S. Wendzel, S. Zillien, E.S. Conner, G. Haas 556
Design of Cognitive Fog Computing for Autonomic Security System in Critical Infrastructure S. Prabavathy, K. Sundarakantham, S. Shalinie 577
Efficient Privacy-Preserving Remote Data Possession Checking Protocol for Critical Information Infrastructure L. YamunaDevi, K. Thilagavathy 603
Advanced Analysis of Data Streams for Critical Infrastructures Protection and Cybersecurity B. Bobowska, M. Choraś, M. Woźniak 622
Relating Mobile Device Use and Adherence to Information Security Policy with Data Breach Consequences in Hospitals S. Vrhovec, B. Markelj 634
Obligation to Defend the Critical Infrastructure?
Offensive Cybersecurity Measures
A. Mihelič, S. Vrhovec 646