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Volume 24

Content of Issue 9
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-024-09
Recent Advancements in Big Data Technologies and Applications in Computing, IoT and Computer Engineering Technology K.L. Man, O. Liu, D. Hughes, C. Lu 1151
Longitudinal Healthcare Data Management Platform of Healthcare IoT Devices for Personalized Services A. Choi, H. Shin 1153
An Experimental System for MQTT/CoAP-based IoT Applications in IPv6 over Bluetooth Low Energy C.-Y. Lin, K.-H. Liao, C.-H. Chang 1170
An Effective Risk Factor Detection and Disease Prediction (RFD-DP) Model Applied to Hypertension D. Li, Y. Li, Z. Ye, M. Ibrahim, K.H. Ryu, S.P. Jeong 1192
Target Selection in Head-Mounted Display Virtual Reality Environments D. Yu, H.-N. Liang, F. Lu, V. Nanjappan, K. Papangelis, W. Wang 1217
Detection of Potholes Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network L.K. Suong, K. Jangwoo 1244
Verifying Secure Authentication Protocol for Communication between IoT-based Medical Devices N. Theera-Umpon, K.-H. Han, W.-S. Bae, S. Lee, V.H. Pham 1258
Machine Learning Optimization of Parameters for Noise Estimation Y. Jeon, I. Ra, Y. Park, S. Lee 1271
Crumbling Walls Log Quorum System-based Name Resolution Routing for CCN based IoT P.I. Shah, P.A. Shah, S. Yasmin, Z. ur-Rehman, A. Ahmad, Y. Nam, S. Rho 1282
The Generation of Electricity Load Profiles Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm R. Užupytė, T. Babarskis, T. Krilavičius 1306
Modelling of Automotive Engine Dynamics using Diagonal Recurrent Neural Network Y. Zhai, K. Qian, F. Xue, M. Tayahi 1330