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Volume 24

Content of Issue 8
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-024-08
New Trends in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) R. Hernández Rizzardini, A. Moreira Teixeira, C. Alario-Hoyos, H.R. Amado-Salvatierra 1012
A Study of Learning-by-Doing in MOOCs through the Integration of Third-Party External Tools: Comparison of Synchronous and Asynchronous Running Modes C. Alario-Hoyos, I. Estévez-Ayres, J.M. Gallego-Romero, C. Delgado Kloos, C. Fernández-Panadero, R.M. Crespo-García, F. Almenares, M.B. Ibáñez, J. Villena-Román, J. Ruiz-Magaña, J. Blasco 1015
Sustaining Continuous Collaborative Learning Flows in MOOCs: Orchestration Agent Approach I. Amarasinghe, D. Hernández-Leo, K. Manathunga, A. Jonsson 1034
An Approach to Build in situ Models for the Prediction of the Decrease of Academic Engagement Indicators in Massive Open Online Courses M.L. Bote-Lorenzo, E. Gómez-Sánchez 1052
Analysis of Behavioral Intention to Use Cloud-Based Tools in a MOOC: A Technology Acceptance Model Approach M. Morales Chan, R. Barchino Plata, J.A. Medina, C. Alario-Hoyos, R. Hernández Rizzardini, M. de la Roca 1072
Design of a Tool to Support Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in MOOCs R. Pérez-Álvarez, J. Maldonado-Mahauad, M. Pérez-Sanagustín 1090
Supporting Teachers in the Design and Implementation of Group Formation Policies in MOOCs: A Case Study L. Sanz-Martínez, E. Er, Y. Dimitriadis, A. Martínez-Monés, M.L. Bote-Lorenzo 1110
User Behavioral Patterns and Early Dropouts Detection: Improved Users Profiling through Analysis of Successive Offering of MOOC M. Vitiello, S. Walk, D. Helic, V. Chang, C. Gütl 1131