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Volume 24

Content of Issue 6
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-024-06
Computational Intelligence Technologies Meet Medical Informatics -From Prediction to Prognosis C.-C. Chang, C.-J. Lu, C. Cheewakriangkrai, S.-H. Chang 662
A Hybrid Machine Learning Scheme to Analyze the Risk Factors of Breast Cancer Outcome in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus L. Ye, T.-S. Lee, R. Chi 665
Cancer Classification by Gene Subset Selection from Microarray Dataset A.K. Das, S.K. Pati, H.-H. Huang, C.-K. Chen 682
Identifying Cleavage Sites of Gelatinases A and B by Integrating Feature Computing Models Q. Zou, C.-W. Chen, H.-C. Chang, Y.-W. Chu 711
Unsupervised Feature Selection for Microarray Gene Expression Data Based on Discriminative Structure Learning X. Ye, T. Sakurai 725
Adapting an Evidence-based Diagnostic Model for Predicting Recurrence Risk Factors of Oral Cancer C.-S. Cheng, P.-W. Shueng, C.-C. Chang, C.-W. Kuo 742
Research on Computational Intelligence in Medical Resource Allocation Based on Mass Customization Y. Xu, S. Liu, B. Wang 753
Medical Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases Based on a Novel Computational Intelligence Algorithm Y. Villuendas-Rey, M.-D. Alanis-Tamez, C.-F. Rey Benguría, C. Yáñez-Márquez, O. Camacho-Nieto 775
Integrating Feature Ranking with Ensemble Learning and Logistic Model Trees for the Prediction of Postprandial Blood Glucose Elevation J.C.-H. Chen, H.-Y. Kang, M.-C. Wang 797