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Volume 26

Content of Issue 4
Practical Applications of Data Analysis, Classification and Anomaly Detections M. Choraś, S. D'Antonio, J. Keller, R. Kozik 432
Speaker/Style-Dependent Neural Network Speech Synthesis Based on Speaker/Style Embedding M. Sečujski, D. Pekar, S. Suzić, A. Smirnov, T. Nosek 434
A Study on Pattern Recognition with the Histograms of Oriented Gradients in Distorted and Noisy Images A. Bukała, M. Koziarski, B. Cyganek, O.N. Koç, A. Kara 454
Application of Multi-Descriptor Binary Shape Analysis for Classification of Electronic Parts K. Maliński, K. Okarma 479
Real-Time Bot Detection from Twitter Using the Twitterbot+ Framework K.E. Daouadi, R.Z. Rebaï, I. Amous 496
Anomaly Detection for Smart Lighting Infrastructure with the Use of Time Series Analysis T. Andrysiak, Ł. Saganowski 508
The Analysis of the Possibility to Construct Optimal Third-degree Reference Graphs S. Bujnowski, T. Marciniak, B. Marciniak, Z. Lutowski 528