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Volume 26

Content of Issue 6
Progress in Features, Data, Patterns and Similarity Analysis M. Choraś, S. D'Antonio, J. Keller, R. Kozik 647
Case Study of Spatial Pattern Description, Identification and Application Methodology I.E. Germanaitė, K. Zaleckis, R. Butleris, K. Jarmalavičienė 649
Question to Question Similarity Analysis Using Morphological, Syntactic, Semantic, and Lexical Features M.M. Hammad, M. Al-Smadi, Q.B. Baker, M. Al-asa'd, N. Al-khdour, M.B. Younes, E. Khwaileh 671
Undersampling Instance Selection for Hybrid and Incomplete Imbalanced Data O. Camacho-Nieto, C. Yáñez-Marquez, Y. Villuendas-Rey 698
Integration of Decision Trees Using Distance to Centroid and to Decision Boundary J. Biedrzycki, R. Burduk 720
The Modified Principal Component Analysis Feature Extraction Method for the Task of Diagnosing Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Type B-CLL M. Topolski 734
IoT Heating Solution for Smart Home with Fuzzy Control L. Apiecionek, J.M. Czerniak, D. Ewald, M. Biedziak 747