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Volume 26

Content of Issue 3
Knowledge-based Configuration A. Felfernig, J. Tiihonen 317
Experimental Evaluation of Three Value Recommendation Methods in Interactive Configuration H. Fargier, P.-F. Gimenez, J. Mengin 318
Solver Requirements for Interactive Configuration A. Falkner, A. Haselböck, G. Krames, G. Schenner, H. Schreiner, R. Taupe 343
Guidelines for Structuring Object-Oriented Product Configuration Models in Standard Configuration Software J. Bredahl Rasmussen, L. Hvam, K. Kristjansdottir, N.H. Mortensen 374
Social Choice-based Explanations: An Approach to Enhancing Fairness and Consensus Aspects T.N.T. Tran, M. Atas, M.V. Le, R. Samer, M. Stettinger 402