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Volume 26

Content of Issue 8
Exploring Immersive Technologies in Learning A. Peña-Rios, D. Economou, M. Mentzelopoulos 854
Lessons Learned Using a Virtual World to Support Collaborative Learning in the Classroom L. Nisiotis, S. Kleanthous 858
Assessing the Impact of Game Modalities in Second Language Acquisition: ELLE the EndLess LEarner E.K. Johnson, A. Larner Giroux, D. Merritt, G. Vitanova, S. Sousa 880
Exploring Virtual Reality in the Higher Education Classroom: Using VR to Build Knowledge and Understanding G.W. Young, S. Stehle, B. Yazgi Walsh, E. Tiri 904
Influence of Virtual Reality on High School Students' Conceptions of Cells M. Thompson, A. Wang, C. Uz Bilgin, M. Anteneh, D. Roy, P. Tan, R. Eberhart, E. Klopfer 929
Bite-Sized Virtual Reality Learning Applications: A Pattern-Based Immersive Authoring Environment R. Horst, R. Naraghi-Taghi-Off, L. Rau, R. Dorner 947
Comparing Collaboration Fidelity between VR, MR and Video Conferencing Systems: The Effects of Visual Communication Media Fidelity on Collaboration S. Han, K. Kim, S. Choi, M. Sung 972
Using Serious Games for Learning British Sign Language Combining Video, Enhanced Interactivity, and VR Technology D. Economou, M. Gonzalez Russi, I. Doumanis, M. Mentzelopoulos, V. Bouki, J. Ferguson 996
A Systematic Review of Research about Game-based Learning in Virtual Worlds N. Pellas, S. Mystakidis 1017
Finding the Gaps about Uses of Immersive Learning Environments: A Survey of Surveys D. Beck, L. Morgado, P. O'Shea 1043